Bahia Blackitude 2007

In May 2007, Dom Filó (LUB TV) was present at the Cultura Black event in the Diaspora: Tribute to James Brow, promoted by Blackitude: Vozes Negras da Bahia. The event featured the launch of the special James Brown zine, films about black culture, short films about the life of Tim Maia, lectures, round tables, among others.

"Water in Me" - Dance Show

Show: "Water in Me" Choreography performed by Monica Aduni Images: Felipe Machado Felipe Machado's Musical Score Design and direction by Renato Santos The show "Água em Mim" is about thinking and feeling water, eye of water and silence of water. An aesthetic of thirst, choreography of the possible trajectories of the water body and evocative and contemporary sound.

Tias do Jongo - Pinheiral

Enugbarijô under the command of Ras Adauto and Vik Birkbeck registered in June 1986 the root of the jongo in Pinheiral. The video portrays stories of Tias do Jongo as Tia Dirce Gabriela, Tia Rose and Tia Dora. The musical introduction is by the group Caixa Preta - Jongo Contemporâneo, which is led by the singer and composer Augusto Bapt. The black community of Pinheiral perpetuated the jongo dance, passing it on from generation to generation, preserved by residents and family members of this city. Where it went and everything suggests that it will always be the land of jongueiros. For the Jongo de pinheiral draws attention for its originality, tradition and for its beautiful points that are accompanied by its two drums the big drum and the candongueiro, the macuco (piece of wood used to make the time between the drums).