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Plots and Black Identities

Lecture Plots and Black Identities with the participation of Professor Helena Theodoro, PhD in Philosophy; the Mangueira carnival artist, Leandro Vieira; and Sinara Rúbia from the Municipal Department of Culture, held on November 30, 2021 at the MUHCAB - Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture located in the Saúde neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

Hope, Delirium and Cup

Notre rendez-vous hebdomadaire pour parler de l'Amour et de ses Actes Politico-Poétiques ! Je suis Aza Njeri, un Sunlighter !

Canjerê do Amaro - Pt 2

Marcelo Amaro presents Canjerê do Amaro Show recorded at Batuq Casa de Samba on April 30, 2022 In the repertoire Amaro sings authorial works from his three albums, his DVD, artists of his generation and Samba classics. In addition to many guests who arrive adding to this beautiful project. A great Kizomba! Credits: Marcelo Amaro - Trio of Congas, Cuíca, Agbê (Xequerê), Tamborim, Frying pan, Caxixis. Special guests: Dada Varela Keco Cardoso Inácio Rios André Lara Jorge Agrião João Martins Lula Matos Jorge André Wanderson Lemos The Thiagos Musicians: Didi Assis - Choir Ana Paula Cruz - Transverse flute Daniel Delavusca - Cavaquinho Vinicius Magalhães - 7-string guitar Beloba- Tãn- Tãn Caioba - Repique de Hand / Box / Tambourine 2 - Agogô Zion - Tambourine Wando Azevedo - Surdo / Tamborim André Souza - Timbal / Atabaque Artistic production: Lú Vieira Recorded 04/30/2022 Batuq House of Samba. Penha / RJ Sound: Andec - Guilherme Carneiro Stock Photo - Pedro Oliveira - Marco Santos - Angelino Albaneze Editing and Finalization - Pedro Oliveira Audiovisual Production - Cultne TV

The Comeback


I Love You Madureira - Crespinhos Dança

Crespinhos Dança is a project that was born at Crespinhos Sa and aims to value musical movements from Black Music, such as Charme, Funk and Hip Hop Dance. Crespinhos Dança was born in 2016 and has participated in important musical events and festivals. Coordinated by the choreographer and precursor of Charme in Brazil Luis Marques, Crespinhos Dança serves children from 8 to 12 years old. Classes are free and take place in the North and West Zones of Rio de Janeiro.

Black Mixer - 40 Years of Fighting

Documentary produced for November 20, 2012, about the Black Movement from the 80s with images from the production companies Enugbarijô by Vik Birkbeck and Ras Adauto and Filó Filho and Carlos Medeiros for Cor da Pele - Production and Video.

Love Dance - Ludmilla

On the 22nd of October, another edition of the Baile do Amor took place at Fundição Progresso. The dance that already exists for 10 years had the opening of YOÚN and Ludmilla as main attraction, with tickets sold out, we had another very successful edition Follow everything that happened on this day with our coverage.

Eddie and Vanessa: Love, Africanity and Technology.

Eddie and Vanessa love, africanity and technology in favor of the black culture of lusophony Presentation: Silvia Nascimento Production: Black World Recording and Editing: @Cultne Art: Apuan

Duafe - The Symbol of African Beauty

Duafe - The Symbol of African Beauty

Mãe Beata de Iemanjá

Beatriz Moreira Costa, known as Mãe Beata de Iemanjá (January 20, 1931 – May 27, 2017) was a Brazilian saint-mother, writer and artisan, who developed works related to the defense and preservation of the environment, human rights, education, health, combating sexism and racism. In April 2022, the Ylê Axé Omijuar on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, inaugurated a bust in his honor. Mãe Beata de Iemanjá (1931-2017) left a legacy as a mother of saint, writer and artisan, from her work in front of the Ylê Axé Omijuaro (House of Águas dos Olhos de Oxóssi) founded in 1985 and located in the metropolitan region of River in Nova Iguaçu, in the Miguel Couto neighborhood. Mother Beata, throughout her life, has always been in favor of social justice, has been at the forefront of mobilizations and activities to combat religious intolerance, to prevent STDs/HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, violence against women, to racial and gender discrimination, in addition to being a publicly known defender of the environment. Since the 1980s, she has been considered one of the great personalities of Candomblé in Rio de Janeiro. In April 2022 the bust of Mãe Beata de Iemanjá was inaugurated when Ylê Axé Omijuaro completed 37 years of foundation. Cultne TV was present recording the event and produced a short documentary about the importance of the great matriarch.

Programa Rafael Mike

Cultne on TV program presented by Carlos Alberto Medeiros, aired on October 19, 2019 on TV Alerj with guest singer and songwriter Rafael Mike.

Cavalo de Aço

“Steel Horse” [Official Clip] (BiD, Gabriel Moura and Marlon Sette) Feat. Di Melo, Paula Lima and Gabriel Moura Photography: Paola Vianna Editing: Lico Cardoso Directed by Flavio Frederico, Paola Vianna and Lico Cardoso A realization @soulcityprod and @kinoscopiocinematografica Direction and music production: BiD Keyboards: Limma Bass, guitar and beat: BiD Trombone and brass arrangement: Marlon Sette Sax: Jorge Continentino Trumpet: Diogo Gomes Recorded by BiD - SoulCity Prod Mix by Evaldo Luna - Estúdio 3Orelhas Mastering by Felipe Tichauer from RedTraxxMastering

Favela and Periphery Women's Center - 1985

The inauguration of the first board of CEMUFP took office in 1985 with Sandra Helena as president of CEMUFP - Centro de Mulheres de Favela e Periferia. Fighting women such as Jurema Batista, Maria Alice, Benedita da Silva, Heloisa Marcondes (Helô), Joana Angelica and Sandra Helena (Sandrão) were present at the meeting.

Truths And Lies About Iansã

Truths And Lies About Iansã

João Loroza

Cultne presents its new episode of "Cultne em Resenha" with presentation by Carlos Alberto Medeiros (@carlosalbertomedeirosoficial); produced by Nil Mendonça (@nill.mendonca), edited by Manuela Veloso (@mavelosob_) and directed by Filó Filho (@dom_filo). In this episode we have guest singer, songwriter, musician and music producer, João Loroza, who will talk a little about his professional and personal trajectory. Also watch on the Cultne.TV platform or on TV Alerj(RJ) NET channel 12, Saturday at 9:30 pm!

What Would You Do For Love?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR LOVE? CAP 4 Gay Webseries - lgbt | ON ONE

SEPTEMBER 7 - What democracy do we want?

SEPTEMBER 7 - What democracy do we want?

Darkening ideas - Culture and politics movements

Darkening ideas - Culture and politics movements

CULTNE - Black Money in Wakanda in Madureira

Participation of the Black Money Movement at the Wakanda in Madureira party. The Black Money Movement is an agent for the development of the Afro-entrepreneur ecosystem. Its main function is to stimulate the development of an innovative mindset among black entrepreneurs and young people to create competitive advantages in the market. Focusing on communication, education and media, MBM produces content in the areas of innovation, technology and finance; in addition to offering short courses in the areas of marketing, management and technology.

Seu Jorge & Soul Mais Samba 2015

Seu Jorge's participation in the samba circle of Grupo Soul + Samba in the 4 lines of Bento Ribeiro on April 19, 2015. With images by Filó Filho and Alvaro Araujo; photographic still of Zezzynho Andraddy, editing and reporting by Pedro Oliveira and direction by Filó Filho the team registered the event for the Cultne Collection.


Precursor of urban jazz in Brazil and recognized for inserting elements of other rhythms in his productions, the Afrofuturist musician Jonathan Ferr launches his new album, “Liberdade”, with guest appearances on 10 tracks, represents another step towards the democratization of the instrumental genre .

Anthony David in Rio de Janeiro

Black Bom Institute and Cultne TV Present: Autograph Afternoon with Anthony David Directly from Atlanta, American R&B singer and songwriter Anthony David, at the invitation of Instituto Black Bom and Cultne Tv, kindly graced us with an afternoon of autographs in the lobby of Hotel Selina, Lapa, for Black Music lovers. Known for his song 4Evermore in partnership with Algebra & Phonte hit Bailes Charme in addition to "Words", a duet with contemporary R&B singer India. Arie who was nominated for a Grammy for Best R&B Performance. Anthony has released 7 critically acclaimed albums and has sold over 10 million albums. On the occasion we also had ambient music with resident Dj Flash from Baile Black Bom and Don Jay (USA), a pleasant atmosphere with exchange of ideas with dance groups, soul music lovers and a unique opportunity to see this great icon of black music from near.

Crias do Funk

Crias do Funk, aims to bring together the great names of funk Brazil, the builders of this vast and beautiful movement that packs the weekends of our young people and adults who love to dance and have fun, the famous MCS, who at the end of the 80, funk exploded in Rio's nights and spread throughout Brazil, encouraging irreverent dances and elaborate steps. Performers: Buchecha / Bob Rum / Mascot / Mano Teko / Mano Kacau / Danda / Sinistro / André do Alto / Amaro / William

Baianidade Nagô

In the mood of revelry and under the carnival radiations, activated by the drums and all the Bantu tradition that is incorporated and predominates in the biggest party in the world, Awurê brings you, BAIANIDADE NAGÔ.

Abdias Nascimento's spell

Launch of the book and the new edition of the play Sortilégio, written in 1959 by Abdias do Nascimento. The initiative was taken by the Institute of Afro-Brazilian Research and Studies (IPEAFRO) and the program also included performative readings, autograph sessions and the participation of references from contemporary black theater.

Tribute to Idalice Moreira Bastos - AfroDai

June 6th was decreed by the legislation of the State and Municipality of Rio de Janeiro as the day of the trancista person, recognizing as a craft the work of women who make the African ancestral technique a source of income. This date was chosen and recognized for being the birthday of Idalice Bastos, the pioneer of the craft in Rio de Janeiro. Dai worked with great passion to value black aesthetics and became a reference in braids and hair and aesthetic care for the black population in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the work of strengthening the self-esteem of the black population, through a salon specializing in black beauty. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Dai created a non-governmental institution, recognized by the UN, to teach the trade of trance singer in a way that always brings reflection on the conditions of black women in Brazil. Video: Cultne Audiovisual Slam: Nil Mendonca Editing: Angelino Albaneze Conception: Filo Filho

It's not enough to be Rasta

Music: "It's Not Just Rasta" Artist: Da Ghama Direction and images: Marcelo Matsunaga Arts and 360: Marquinhos Costa Choreography: Ton Gaspar Dancers: Ton Gaspar, João Felipe Cruz, Ana Luiza Amorim, Júlia Rocha and Tati Santos

Afro-Brazilian Orchestra - 80 Years Show

Presentation of the Afro-Brazilian Orchestra in celebration of its 80 years of existence, held on June 14, 2022, at Teatro Ipanema, south of Rio de Janeiro. On the same day, the 80th birthday of Carlos Negreiros, the last remaining musician from the original formation of the orchestra, founded in 1942, was celebrated.

São Paulo Fashion Week 2022

The collection “As Três Graças do Brasil” by stylist Mônica Sampaio, founder of the Santa Resistência brand, pays homage to three leading women on the path to Brazilian independence: the indigenous Catarina Paraguaçu, the black Maria Felipa and the white Maria Quitéria. At different times in Brazil's history, they worked alongside the poor, indigenous people, farmers and women to defend the Recôncavo region. The first three looks of the show in green synthesize this triad, in the crochet amazon dress and long fringe bar, with a crochet foliage headdress, the long one with many ruffled bands and the shirt also full of ruffles on the front used with boot and beret.

Coverage - Baile Black Bom

Coverage Cultne Especial Baile Black Bom held in May 2022 at Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Inauguration of the Moïse Kiosk and in the Madureira Park

Inauguration of the Moise kiosk, in Parque Madureira, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro on June 30, 2022, bringing together the young man's family, politicians and representatives of civil society organizations.

Black Resistance to the Racial Exclusion Project - Brazil 200 Years

Recently, the book "Black Resistance to the Racial Exclusion Project - Brazil 200 Years" was released. Organized by professor and doctor Hélio Santos, the book brings together texts by 34 black intellectuals from different regions of the country to reflect on the 200 years of Brazil's Independence. Cultne was present recording the launch of this work and the testimonies of intellectuals and partners who were also present to honor this book that will serve as a reference for a new Brazil.

Zal Sissokho - Musical Meeting Teatro Rival BR - Pt 2

Cultne registered at Rival BR on June 1, 2013 with images and editing by Alexandre Xandão and Filó Filho; and photographic still by Zezinho Andrade the 10th Senegal Independence Party with the participation of several guests, among them the Senegalese musician Zal Sissokho.

Black World Powerlist Black Women 2022

In 2022, on July 25th, the International Day of Black Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Mundo Negro Site, through the Black Women Powerlist transforming stories, celebrated the performance of black women from different areas of activity who are changing their personal stories. , their families and society.

Black Skin, White Masks: 70 Years Between Us

This year Frantz Fanon's book "Black Skin, White Masks" turns 70. One of the most important works of the 20th century, it brings us elements that are not only current, but also radically accurate for thinking about the experience of racism and its impacts on our ways of being, feeling and living. In this broadcast, we will discuss the legacies of this magisterial work for our day. Professor Wanderson Flor (Tata Nkosi Namba), invites Regina Marques and Marcos Queiroz to this dialogue. Mediation by Silvany Euclênio and moderation of the chat: Márcio Caldeira.s

Lissa dos Passos e Silva

Today we welcome Lissa dos Passos e Silva, a doctoral student in social history at UFF - Universidade Federal Fluminense. She presents her research on the theme “Is Brazilian humor racist?”. The column Nossas Histórias is produced by the Network of Black Historians and Black Historians in partnership with Portal Geledes and Acervo Cultne.

Anti-racist Education: Initiatives and Strategies for Black Visibility and Against Racial Trauma

If racism manifests itself institutionally and structurally as a set of asymmetrical power relations, we also need to combat it within the school. One way of doing so is to confront the historical stereotyping of subjectivities, competences/skills, knowledge and intellectuality of black people in the academic, scientific, school, artistic fields, etc. Despite the social achievements of the last 40 years in the field of racial equity, it is still necessary for educators to take on the task of making black conquests, achievements, history and agency visible in the curriculum. The review of everyday practices and relationships is urgent to eliminate prejudiced and discriminatory postures in our "pedagogical discourse". From then on, as a school, we will dialogue more and better with the school community, with parental/responsible figures and with surrounding institutions, aiming to deconstruct the ideology of racial democracy and the cult of miscegenation that covers up the violent processes that constitute social formation the Brazilian. Thinking about an anti-racist education involves dealing with the relationship between people and the community, but also allowing each and everyone to have an identity and history welcomed in the school space. Research sources: Revista Galileu, Meio Mensagem, Isto É Magazine, O Dia and UNFPA Brazil.

Sueli Carneiro: what clay are we made of to allow the situation of blacks in this country?

The philosopher Sueli Carneiro is an academic, one of the first to produce knowledge about the situation of black women in the country of miscegenation. Feminist Sueli Carneiro created the first specific mental health program for black women. At the university, in debates, throughout Brazil and within, anti-racism activist Sueli Carneiro has been fighting for decades. With the spirit, indignation and dreams of a militant in her first manifestations. And feet firmly planted on the ground. Crédits : TV Sénat

Adam and Eve Foliage

FOLIAGE OF ADAM AND EVE JOY OF ADAM AND EVE Director: Clementino Junior Fiction, 2009, 14 minutes With Marcelo Dias and Cyda Morenyx SYNOPSIS And God created the man... the woman... oh, and the Carnival too! And God created man... woman... oh, and also the Carnival! Y Diós creó al hombre... a la mujer... ah, and al carnaval también..

Actress and producer Suzane Senna - from the outskirts of Salvador to the great productions of Broadway NY

The tenth episode of Pretas em NY is on the air! And this week we talked to Producer Cultura, Actress and Publicist, Suzane Sena! Suzane, who was born and raised in Salvador, has lived in NY for 7 years and tells how her career consolidation process was, until she got to work in the production of a famous Broadway musical! Want to know more? Watch the full Episode! It's inspiring and full of Axé!