I'm in the collection - Reppolho

Tô no Acervo - Me percussionist, singer, composer, researcher and writer, Reppolho. Since his childhood in Olinda, Pernambuco, he lived surrounded by the sound of the magic drums of the Candomblé terreiros, beside his mother, daughter of saint. He became a great percussionist, known in Brazil and abroad for accompanying MPB exponents such as Johnny Alf, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Gal Costa, João Bosco, Nana Caymmi, Paulo Moura, Elza Soares, Tim Maia, Pepeu Gomes, Baby from Brazil, Elba Ramalho and Moraes Moreira, among others. He also accompanied Deborah Blando and was the singer's partner in the song "Unique", which received the Golden Record as the theme for the soap opera "A indomada" in 1998. From the 80's onwards, he developed a new language in Brazilian percussion with a scenic posture in the stage, translating the entire drum tradition into an urban dialect.
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EP6 - Tichina Arnold - Tô no Acervo

Tichina Arnold - Tô no Acervo

Cultne with images and editing by Filó Filho and a report by Carlos Medeiros interviewed on February 16, 2011 the American actress Tichina Arnold, Rochelle from the TV series "Everybody Hates Chris" (Everyone hates Chris). Tichina came to Brazil as a guest of the carnival in Rio and Salvador. On that occasion, she was present in the Cultne collection.

Marielle Franco - I'm in the Collection

Marielle Franco spoke to the Cultne collection. Councilwoman elected by the municipality of Rio de Janeiro was executed on March 14, 2018.

Ilê Aiyê - Tô no Collection - Raimundo Bujão

Cultne with images of Filó Filho and Pedro Oliveira recorded the 39th Night of Black Beauty on January 20, 2018, in the Ilê Aiyê court in the Curuzu neighborhood, Salvador Bahia, we recorded one of the Black Movement activists and member of Ilê Aiyê Raimundo Bujão spoke to Cultne.

Ilê Aiyê Goddess of Ebony 2018 - I'm in the Collection

Cultne with images and editing by Filó Filho and Pedro Oliveira recorded the 39th Night of Black Beauty on January 20, 2018, at Ilê Aiyê in the neighborhood of Curuzu, Salvador Bahia, we recorded the Goddess of Ebony 2018, student Jéssica Nascimento, 19 years old, resident of the Cabula neighborhood, in Salvador, elected the Goddess of Ebony in the 39th edition of the Night of Negative Beauty contest, by Ilê Aiyê. The event took place at Senzala do Barro Preto, headquarters of the afro block, this Saturday, 20th night, in the neighborhood of Curuzu.
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EP2 - Arlindo Cruz - Tô no Acervo

Arlindo Cruz - Tô no Acervo

The journalist Angélica Basti presents the painting "Tô no Acervo" from the CULTNE NA TV Program, recorded on November 21, 2010, after the National Day of Black Consciousness, during the presentation of Arlindo Cruz on the Samba Wheel of the late Ovídio Brito in Renascença Club. The board has a differential, which is to show the interviewee moments he lived in other times. With images from the Cultne collection, Arlindo Cruz reviewed the beginnings of the Pagode of Arlindo Cruz on Rua Padre Telêmaco in Cascadura, north zone of Rio de Janeiro, recorded in July 1987, with Acyr Marques, Chiquinho Vírgula and Deny de Lima. Arlindo is a professional musician, excelling at plucked strings, especially ukulele and banjo. If he weren't a songwriter and singer, he could live off that. His compositions, always with interesting harmonic solutions and worked melodies, reveal that they were made by a musician (which in samba, full of composers more intuitive than technicians, is a curious differential). As soon as he was seven, the boy won his first cavaquinho. Excited about the instrument, he anxiously waited for his father to come home from work to learn to play. At 12, he already played many songs by ear, and, as his brother, Acyr Marques, he learned guitar. He entered the Flor do Méier school, where he studied theory, solfeggio and classical guitar for two years. And at that time he started working professionally as a musician, making samba circles with several artists, including Candeia, who he considers his musical godfather. With Candeia, he recorded his first albums, a simple compact, for the Odeon label, and an LP called Roda de Samba (now found on CD). In both he played the ukulele. When he turned 15 he went to study in Barbacena MG, at the Cadetes do Ar preparatory school. But he did not abandon music. He sang in the school choir. Then, the composer Arlindo Cruz was born, who won festivals in Barbacena and Poços de Caldas. When he left Aeronautics, he started to attend the Cacique de Ramos samba circle, which already revealed new talents. He went every Wednesday, enjoying and learning alongside Jorge Aragão, Beth Carvalho, Beto sem Braço, Ubirani and Almir Guineto. Other young people followed the same path, among them, Zeca Pagodinho and Sombrinha - who would come to be his partner. The masters did not take long to recognize in Arlindo Cruz the great composer that was already perceived. In the first year of Cacique, he had 12 songs recorded by several performers. The first one was "Lesson of Malandragem". Then there were other hits, such as "Grande Erro" (Beth Carvalho), "Novo Amor" (Alcione) and many others.
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EP1 - Acyr Marques - Composer

Acyr Marques - Composer

The composer Acyr Maques was thrilled when he checked the Pagode do Arlindo filmed in 1987. Present in the last pagoda of the late samba dancer Ovídio Brito, Acyr Marques can relive the moments of the Pagode do Arlindo recorded in 1987 by Cor da Pele in Rua Padre Telêmaco em Cascadura.
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EP13 - ADACI Brasil - Edna Rodrigues
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EP12 - Tribute to Sebastiana Arruda
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EP10 - Tributo a Martin Luther King
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EP4 - Vanda Ferreira - November 20
Contemporary Black Mov... 02:46
EP19 - 1983 Black Movement - Jurema Batista
Backyard of Madureira 02:23
EP5 - Awurê & Teresa Cristina