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EP16 - Mãe Beata de Iemanjá

Mãe Beata de Iemanjá

Beatriz Moreira Costa, known as Mãe Beata de Iemanjá (January 20, 1931 – May 27, 2017) was a Brazilian saint-mother, writer and artisan, who developed works related to the defense and preservation of the environment, human rights, education, health, combating sexism and racism. In April 2022, the Ylê Axé Omijuar on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, inaugurated a bust in his honor. Mãe Beata de Iemanjá (1931-2017) left a legacy as a mother of saint, writer and artisan, from her work in front of the Ylê Axé Omijuaro (House of Águas dos Olhos de Oxóssi) founded in 1985 and located in the metropolitan region of River in Nova Iguaçu, in the Miguel Couto neighborhood. Mother Beata, throughout her life, has always been in favor of social justice, has been at the forefront of mobilizations and activities to combat religious intolerance, to prevent STDs/HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, violence against women, to racial and gender discrimination, in addition to being a publicly known defender of the environment. Since the 1980s, she has been considered one of the great personalities of Candomblé in Rio de Janeiro. In April 2022 the bust of Mãe Beata de Iemanjá was inaugurated when Ylê Axé Omijuaro completed 37 years of foundation. Cultne TV was present recording the event and produced a short documentary about the importance of the great matriarch.

Tribute to Joel Rufino dos Santos

Tribute to historian and Black Movement activist Joel Rufino dos Santos, produced by Cultne. The simple audiovisual features images by Vik Birbeck, Ras Adauto and Filó Filho, text by writer Nei Lopes, narration by Carlos Alberto Medeiros and dance performance by Murah Soares. The initiative came from the Department of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro when the video was screened during the event of awarding recipients of the 2015 Afro Fluminense Award in Madureira, at Casa de Jongo da Serrinha in December 2015, north zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Wilson Prudente - Present!! - Doctoral Thesis

On October 22, 2017, his companion and labor attorney Wilson Prudente, a fervent activist of the black cause, passed away. Prudente graduated in Law from UFF, earned a doctorate in Political Science and International Relations from the University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ) and was a prosecutor at the Public Ministry of Labor. He was rapporteur for the National Truth Commission on Black Slavery in Brazil, the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association, and a member of the Brazilian Association of Black Researchers (ABPN) (source: Mama Press / Fernando Paulino)

Tribute to Makota Valdina

The Cultne Collection deeply regrets the passing of Makota Valdina. Great educator and one of the greatest religious leaders in the country, coming from Terreiro Tanuri Junçara in Engenho Velho da Federação. We stand in solidarity with the entire community of African-based religions, friends and family.

Tribute to Jorge Freitas by Januário Garcia

Too bad, my friend Jorge Roberto de Freitas died. For those who didn't know him, I introduce him as one of the most important professionals in the Brazilian press. From the editorial staff of vehicles such as Gazeta Mercantil and DCI, he was part of the process of transforming Editoria de Economia into one of the most important in journalistic practice, starting in the 1980s, when Brazil began its process of political opening after the military dictatorship. (1964-1985).

Tribute to Beth Carvalho

Cultne recorded the unexpected visit to Renascença by singer and composer Beth Carvalho at Projeto Manda Brasa held on February 12, 2017 at Renascença Clube, which brought together a connection of samba musicians from Rio and São Paulo in one of the most important samba manifestations of root held in the club.
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EP9 - Tribute to Bob Marley

Tribute to Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley, better known as Bob Marley1 (Nine Mile, February 6, 1945—Miami, May 11, 1981), was a Jamaican singer, guitarist, and songwriter, the best known reggae musician of all time, famous for popularize the genre. Marley has sold over 75 million records. Most of his work dealt with the problems of the poor and downtrodden. Through his music, he brought the Rastafarian movement and its ideas of peace, brotherhood, social equality, environmental preservation, liberation, resistance, freedom and universal love to the world.

Tribute to Sebastiana Arruda

Cultne pays tribute to Dr. Sebastiana Arruda with images of Ras Adauto and Filó Filho; photos by Marcos Romão, Ierê Ferreira, Zezinho Andrade and Luis Mendes; and reports by Vik Birkbeck and Carlos Medeiros.

Tribute to Tantinho da Mangueira

Tribute to the little "big" Tantinho da Mangueira will remain in our hearts as one of the faithful samba artists of the authentic high-party. Cultne recorded a samba conversation between Tantinho da Mangueira and Don Filó at Bola Preta's headquarters on July 10, 2011. Contemporaries, the two exchanged ideas about the good times of Mangueira, popular festivals, samba and personalities. On that occasion, the singer and composer was the guest of the party held by Grupo Razões Africanas and by Jongo da Serrinha.

Tribute to Zulu Nation Brazil

Tribute to Zulu Nation Brasil based on the musical base of his CD "Uma Voz Keeping Hip Hop Alive". Founded in 2002 by soulman "King Nino Brown", "Zulu Nation Brasil" is a direct affiliation of Universal Zulu Nation of New York, the birthplace of the Hip-Hop Cultural Movement.

Tribute to Zózimo Bulbul

The actor and filmmaker Zózimo Bulbul left a great legacy for the black community and became popular with one of the great names in Afro-Brazilian film production. Bulbul was a filmmaker, actor, director and screenwriter and the first black protagonist to kiss on national cinema screens.

Tribute to Jovelina Pérola Negra

Party in honor of the 68th birthday of Jovelina Pérola Negra, who would turn 68 on July 21, 2012, in the Arena that bears his name in the neighborhood of Pavuna.

PC Capoeira Tribute - Soul Dancer

Paulo César Mateus, or simply PC capoeira, capoeira master and one of the greatest black soul music dancers in Brazil.
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EP2 - Homenaje a Sandro Lopes

Homenaje a Sandro Lopes

Homage to Sandro Lopes who died as a result of the coronavirus. Sandro Lopes was an animator and illustrator, a professor graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design at UFRJ and Master of the Graduate Program in Design at Puc-Rio.
Special Tributes 11:36
EP1 - Tony Tornado Tribute

Tony Tornado Tribute

Tony Tornado is a Brazilian actor and singer. In 1970 he was the winner of the Brazilian phase of the 5th International Song Festival with the soul song "BR-3". Tony was one of the artists who introduced Soul Music and Funk to Brazilian music. That same year, alongside Trio Ternura, he defended the song BR-3, which won first place at the festival.
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