Cultne Originals 01:11:49
EP5 - Awure White Wears - Ep1

Awure White Wears - Ep1

The event "Awurê Veste Branco" bears the signature "Originais Cultne". The party marked the end of the year 2021 with a lot of energy, beauty, identity and axé.
Cultne Originals 00:34:14
EP4 - Awure - Palm Wednesday

Awure - Palm Wednesday

Presentation of the Awurê Group at Quintal de Madureira on the last Wednesday of 2021 - Wednesday of Dendê

Mundo Selva - What Nobody Sees (official clip)

Official clip of What Nobody Sees - Mundo Selva Video produced by Digi2 and Cultne Originals. Insta: @DiGi2 Movies | @Cultne Collection Starring Victoria Obadia. Mundo Selva is a Rio de Janeiro rock duo formed by publicist Neo Caztro and journalist Dav Obadia. The band's songs are the result of a chaotic society, underdeveloped, hostile and cowardly with minorities and the less favored. They also reflect the lapses of empathy, compassion and hope that unite us.

Tribute to Beto Sem Braço - Samba do Mercado Velho

Samba do Mercado Velho paid homage to the late composer Beto Sem Braço with a super special samba circle. Beto Sem Braço emerged among the circles of the Ramos neighborhood, one of the greatest samba composers in Brazil.
Cultne Originals 02:18:08
EP1 - Awurê en Bahía

Awurê en Bahía

The trip along the Rota do Samba de Roda presented us with incredible encounters, profound knowledge and unforgettable stories, but above all it nourished us with lessons that we will take with us for a lifetime. We literally drank at the source, with humility, seriousness and great devotion to the Masters and Masters who, during every day of our journey through Salvador, the Recôncavo and the Sertão, touched us with the simplicity of the grandeur that lives in these ladies and sambadeiros. At the front, we have an ancestral commitment to watch over, present and spread the origins of Samba de Roda as it was passed on to us. Live the samba de roda, live the Bahian Recôncavo, Bahia and the samba!! Awure for you.
Contemporary Black Mov... 03:41
EP10 - Tributo a Martin Luther King
Shows & Events of ... 07:10
EP16 - Urban Samba & Lele Carlos
Shows & Events of ... 12:47
EP10 - Urban Samba Pt2
Shows & Events of ... 06:54
EP9 - Samba Urbano Pt 1
Batuq Casa de Samba 00:28:37
EP5 - Chrigor Live at BatuQ - Block 2
Backyard of Madureira 02:23
EP5 - Awurê & Teresa Cristina
Backyard of Madureira 03:07
EP20 - Awurê - Kizomba Samba de Roda
Backyard of Madureira 02:12
EP12 - Awurê - Boiadeiro 02
Afro-Brazilian Gastronomy 03:16
EP5 - Georgia Bobó
I'm in the collection 03:37
EP1 - Acyr Marques - Composer