Grandma Maria celebrating 100 years

Cultne recorded the 100th birthday party of the late Vó Maria in the court of the Unidos da Tijuca Samba School in the port area in May 2011. Vó Maria played an important part in Brazilian music alongside the composer Donga, the musician who composed the song known as the first samba recorded, "Por telephone", from 1917. Witness of the birth of samba, she was Donga's widow, as well as Tia Ciata, they were important characters for the beginning of samba".

Vô Maria - Tias do Samba

Cultne recorded the backstage of the recording of the series Tias do Samba from RJ TV on Rede Globo. The recording featured Vô Maria, the great lady of samba and distinguished guests such as Dona Neném, Tia Esmerilda, Monarco, Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz and special samba dancers from the universe of samba in Rio. The venue was Renascença Clube, which offered a first class feijoada to all participants. In charge of the work for Rede Globo for over thirty years, Teteu José directed the crowd to general joy. Reporter Paulinho Lessa checked everything up close on a very hot day in Rio de Janeiro.

Vô Maria - 99, 7 years old

Cultne recorded the backstage of the recording of the series Tias do Samba from RJ TV on Rede Globo and on the occasion the reporter Paulinho Lessa interviewed Vô Maria and his granddaughter Sonia Regina at Renascença Clube. Grandpa Maria will complete 100 years of life in May 2011.

Dandara Trophy - Grandpa Maria

Cultne recorded the delivery of the Dandara trophy that represents "resistance" based on the wawa aba seed, extracted from the wawa tree, according to the Adinkra symbology in Ghana, Africa. The Renascença Clube honored Vô Maria with the 2010 Dandara Trophy in Black Awareness Month. Cultne recorded the delivery made by President José Evangelista.
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