Carlos Júnior Program

Program aired on June 4, 2016 on TV Alerj with Carlos Júnior, photo reporter as a guest.

Proyecto Visões do Morro - Acción social para la juventud

The Visões do Morro project, created by photographer Carlos Junior, brought together around 20 children on weekends to learn the art of photography in 2007, in the community on Quiririm Street in Praça Seca, in the Jacarepaguá neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

A Little Step To Three Destinations

The documentary ‘Um Passinho Para Três Destinos’ is the debut work of photographer Carlos Junior as a film director, who is also the film's producer. Waldyr Ferreira's script narrates events in the lives of three young residents of Vila Valqueire, in the West Zone of Rio, united by dance, Shaweeny Portella, Grabriel Lima and Tininim.

Visions of the hill 2011

Cultne recorded yet another event promoted by photojournalist Carlos Junior. The second edition of Visões do Morro - Visual Culture in Communities took place in the community on Rua Quiririm, in Praça Seca, west of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Awakening of a People - Street Demonstrations

Street demonstrations recorded by photographer Carlos Junior in June 2013 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pedro de Oliveira Edition for Cultne.

My Faith is my Culture - Photos Carlos Junior

Carlos Alberto da Silva Junior or Carlos Junior, has always had photojournalism as his professional focus, working as a freelancer since 2003, when he closed his studio. His sensitivity comes from his career as a photo reporter, a sensitivity to human issues, this is clear in his exhibitions: "Children - Future of Brazil" "Carnaval-The eighth wonder of the world" "Icones do Carnaval". Here is a little bit of the history of Carlos Junior, photo reporter and freelance photographer, with his special gaze, he captured the beauty and blackness of Brazilian black women through his lenses. Carlos Junior is one of the exclusive photographers of the Urban Basketball League that focuses on urban culture.
Carlos Junior 03:58
EP2 - Black roses

Black roses

Registro do fotógrafo Carlos Junior, com carreira brilhante no fotojornalismo. Sua sensibilidade vem de sua carreira de repórter fotográfico, uma sensibilidade para questões humanas, isso fica claro nas suas exposições: "Crianças -- Futuro do Brasil"; " Carnaval - A oitava maravilha do mundo"; "Ícones do Carnaval".

War for Peace in Morro do Alemão - 2010

The video portrays the occupation of police forces in the fight against drug dealers. In the middle of this war, there are the working people living in the communities in Rio de Janeiro. Music: What I See; Artist: Balance Point. Photography: Carlos Junior