Cultne Camera One - Salvador, Bahia 2017

Cultne recorded with images and editing by Filó Filho and Alexandre Dias a special coverage in August 2017 in the city of Salvador. Enjoy "Câmera UM" with its sound and image flowing a very special "Look", creating and recreating the imaginary Afro universe. This is Cultne.

Connecting territories

In this virtual tour, Via the Zoom platform, you can take a virtual tour of the port region of Rio de Janeiro, known as Little Africa and connect with the legacy left by Africans in the formation of the city of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. From the 18th century to the present day, you will enter the city's historical, cultural and social transformations.

Valongo Wharf and Museu dos Pretos Novos - Tourist Guide - Dandara Batista

"Tourist Guide" program broadcast by TV Alerj, with a presentation by journalist Dandara Batista. On the agenda the Cais do Valongo and Museu dos Pretos Novos, with the participation of the historian Prof. Dr. Mônica Lima, Merced Guimarães, the president of the Pretos Novos Institute (IPN), and the historian Claudio Honorato, coordinator of the IPN research center. The Cultne collection provided some images for the documentary, showing its partnership with TV Alerj in the visibility of black culture in our country.
Afro Tourism 10:07
EP2 - Cais do Valongo

Cais do Valongo

In 2011, during the excavations carried out as part of the works to revitalize the port area of Rio de Janeiro, the two anchorages - Valongo and Imperatriz - were discovered, one on top of the other, and, next to them, a large amount of amulets and objects of worship originating in Congo, Angola and Mozambique. IPHAN and the city of Rio de Janeiro prepared a dossier for the application of the wharf archaeological site to the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site was declared a World Heritage Site at the 41st session of the UNESCO committee, in 2017.
Afro Tourism 30:41
EP1 - Carlos Humberto

Carlos Humberto

Carlos Humberto, geographer and CEO of the startup Diáspora.Black, talks to Carlos Alberto Medeiros about the social impact of black tourism, and the creation of a tool that values black culture and promotes racial equality.
Contemporary Black Mov... 05:44
EP18 - Nigerian Connection - 3/3
Contemporary Black Mov... 04:54
EP17 - Nigerian Connection - 2/3
Contemporary Black Mov... 03:30
EP16 - Nigerian Connection - 1/3
TV Alerj 00:30:40
EP5 - Bruno Rodrigues
TV Alerj 00:28:11
EP12 - Elber Xavier
TV Alerj 28:46
EP17 - Val Gomes
Black Literature 03:34
EP3 - Nelson Maca - Poem
In the balance of Reggae 10:37
EP2 - Val Caetano - Banda Dissidência
Hip Hop Dance 05:37
Movie - #Cube Resistance
Cultne Quarantine 1:02:33
EP3 - Urban violence
Cultne Originals 02:18:08
EP1 - Awurê en Bahía