Bullet Machine Dancing Soul

Performance by lovers of soul music, including Bala Machine, PC Capoeira, the people from Quarteirão do soul, among others. LUB TV (www.lub.org.br) recorded a "bombado" video in 2008 at Circo Voador a Festa Soul. On the occasion there was an exhibition of photos, performance of dancers from the soul era, DJs of the old and new generations of black music in addition to the concert by Banda Black Rio. The event was a tribute to the composer and singer Tim Maia, who was represented by the sound of Banda Black Rio under the command of William Magalhães, son of the late leader of the band, Oberdan Magalhães.

Usafricarib Party 2010 - Soul

Celebration of the Usafricarib Party in 2010

Usafricarib 1993 Party

With its rhythm salad that mixes the best of black music - soul, funk, reggae, charm, salsa, merengue, zouk, samba, afro-baiana and African pop, the USAFRICARIB project created a new style of enjoying all the rhythms of black music. All of these rhythms with a foot in the mother Africa make up the menu of the party that has been periodically gathering aficionados of black music. A new style of dancing to the powerful rhythms of black music. So is USAFRICARIB. The USAFRICARIB parties, as the name implies, are dedicated to bridging the gap between the sound produced by black communities in the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. Among the faithful frequenters, there are politicians, artists, students and professionals, in short a select group of opinion makers who make the parties the greatest mood ever seen in Afro-Brazilian parties.
Soul Dance 03:28
EP2 - Soul Temple

Soul Temple

The Cultne team comprised of Slow DABF, Alvaro RioMais and Filó Filho recorded the reunion of the soul crowd at Gremio de Rocha Miranda on December 3, 2011 in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro. It was historic and exciting to enjoy the sound of the legendary CashBox team and dance with the black brothers caravans from São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Jandeiro. With the sound of DJs Marcão (Cashbox), Sir Dema (Clube do Soul) and Eduardo Oldschool the good times were remembered at the Temple of Soul, located in Rocha Miranda, in the northern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro, which received the illustrious soul brothers Mr Funk Santos, Mancha, Rita Monteiro, Nea, Osmar, Peixinho, Waldeck, Nelson Triunfo, Funk Gil and Don Filó.

PC Capoeira Tribute - Soul Dancer

Paulo César Mateus, or simply PC capoeira, capoeira master and one of the greatest black soul music dancers in Brazil.