Manifesta Corpas - Performance by Flavinny Oliveira

On July 22, 2018, Cultne recorded with images, interview and editing by Filó Filho and Carlos Maia the event CORPAS - Meeting of Performances of Black Women in the Contemporary Terreiro, in the neighborhood of Cruz Vermelha in the center of Rio. In the opportunity we recorded the performance by Flavinny Oliveira with poetic text by Simone Ricco with the poem "Manifesta Corpas".

Lima Barreto on the Third Day

Lima Barreto is played by two actors: Nando Cunha, who represents the writer in his youth, and Flavio Bauraqui, who plays him in old age. Divided into three planes, the play narrates three days of the writer's life spent in the asylum, in 1919, where he was hospitalized because of a strong hallucination crisis. The script is as follows: the real moment, where the character Lima Barreto is old and interned in a madhouse; the moment of memory, when he was still a young man writing the novel Triste fim by Policarpo Quaresma and the moment of imagination, composed of scenes from the novel starring Policarpo.

In The Place - A Place To Be - Alex Mello

Cultne recorded on May 23, 2103 the theatrical show "In The Place- A Place To Be", performed by actor Alex Mello. The images will be by Filó Filho and Monalyza Alves, with support from Delanir Cerqueira and editing by Filó Filho.

Show Ataulfo Alves, O Bom Crioulo

The musical is directed by Luiz Antonio Pilar and musical direction by Alexandre Elias. With text by Enéas Carlos Pereira and Edu Salemi, the show sings and tells excerpts from the life and work of the composer, with the backdrop of Brazil from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The musical is a preview of the celebration of the centenary of samba , which will be celebrated in 2016.

Seven Winds - Débora Almeida

"Sete Ventos" is a theatrical show based on testimonies from black women and the myth of Iansã. On the scene we have Bárbara, a black writer, daughter of Iansã, who shares moments of her life and that of other women who influenced her with the audience. Cultne recorded the show on December 4, 2014, day of iansã at CTO - Centro Teatro do Oprimido, in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.

Eu Amarelo - Carolina de Jesus with Cyda Moreno

The new play about Carolina Maria de Jesus, with actress Cyda Moreno, dramaturgy by Alissandro de Aquino and direction by Isaac Bernat, presents a striking portrait of the former paper picker who became the greatest black writer in the country of the 20th century: best seller with over one million copies sold, translated into 13 languages for 80 countries. Carolina Maria de Jesus devoted her life to a purpose: her love for literature that made her take words out of the trash, and words, a way to combat inequalities in the world.

Meeting Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X

The play “The Encounter - Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr.”, by playwright Jeff Stetson, reveals the humanity of these two great black American leaders. The Encounter - Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr. t

CORPAS - Poem "Manifesta Corpas" by Simone Ricco

ON July 22, 2018, Cultne recorded with images, interview and editing by Filó Filho and Carlos Maia the event CORPAS - Meeting of Performances of Black Women at the Terreiro Contemporâneo, in the neighborhood of Cruz Vermelha in downtown Rio. creators of the project, Simone Ricco presented her poem "Manifesta Corpas".

Dona Mulata e Triunfo - Espectáculo de teatro

The Luso-Afro-Brazilian theater show "Dona Mulata e Triunfo" is an inevitable love story that leads us to revisit the past and present history of the port region of Rio de Janeiro. In this port place in Rio de Janeiro, people from all over the place met, traded looks, mated ideas and in that eruption Brazil was born. The journey of these two characters is a journey without time that passes through slavery, miscegenation and flows into the dizzying transformation of the port of Rio. With a new look, this theatrical narrative brings to the stage the forgotten details of this meeting place in Guanabara Bay, exposing in each scene the desires and memories summoned by the two characters.

Elisa Lucinda - Axé Week

Elisa Lucinda dos Campos Gomes was born in Vitória (ES) on February 2, 1958. she is a Brazilian poet, journalist, singer, and actress. She moved to Rio de Janeiro, to a village in Tijuca, in 1986, ready to pursue an acting career. She worked on some pieces, such as Rosa, a Brazilian Musical, under the direction of Domingos de Oliveira, and Bukowski, Bicho Solto no Mundo, under the direction of Ticiana Studart. She was a member of the film A Causa Secreta, by Sérgio Bianchi. His first television work was in the soap opera Kananga do Japão, in 1989, on the extinct TV Manchete.

"Bring me the Head of Lima Barreto" - Wilton Cobra

The show, inspired especially by the works Diário Íntimo and Cemitério dos Vivos, gathers excerpts of memories printed in the works of Lima Barreto, intertwined with free imagination. Luiz Marfuz's text was written especially for the actor Hilton Cobra, who celebrates 40 years of artistic career, and is directed by Fernanda Júlia, from the Núcleo Afrobrasileiro de Teatro de Alagoinhas (Nata). The play has the scenery of Marcio Meirelles, costume design by Biza Vianna, lighting by Jorginho de Carvalho, direction of movement by Zebrinha and the music by Jarbas Bittencourt. The actors Lázaro Ramos, Frank Menezes, Harildo Deda, Hebe Alves, Rui Manthur and Stephane Bourgade lend their voices for reading off texts supporting the scene. “Bring me the head of Lima Barreto” was awarded the 4th National Award for Afro-Brazilian Cultural Expressions. The show also celebrates the 135th anniversary of the birth of Lima Barreto and the 15th anniversary of the Cia dos Comuns. (Source: G1)

"Luiz Gama - A voice for freedom '

The play “LUIZ GAMA - A voice for freedom” tells the story of a black lawyer who lived between 1830 and 1882 and suffered all the ailments of being born at a time when skin color was synonymous with servitude. Luiz Gama would be just another child with the reality marked by the slave society. Even though he was born free, since his father was white and his mother Luiza Mahin, he was a freed slave, female leader of the Maltese Revolt, Gama was sold as a slave, at the age of 10, by his own father. But he defied the world and changed his destiny. He learned to read and write, and then attended classes at the Faculty of Law as a listener. As a lawyer, even without a diploma, he acted in defense of blacks, freeing more than 500 slaves from illegal captivity. The play is a manifesto about a man who fought bravely against racial prejudice, in favor of human dignity and in particular for the liberation of slaves in Brazil.

Alabê de Jerusalem - Full DVD

The Jerusalem Alabê Opera where the hues of dyes extracted from different roots are merged to make possible a new, original, fertile and bold painting. This is the Alabê de Jerusalem, the African saga of Dahomey, a contemporary and friend of Jesus Christ, who today, 2,000 years later, returns to Earth to tell us his story. The musical and poetic richness, the exquisite scenic construction, the 250 costumes, combined with a ballet with 24 dancers, a choir of 15 singers rocked by the musical score recorded by an orchestra of 86 musicians, give rise to a Brazilian work for these we have to globalize consciousness and above all materialize a spectacle-celebration of tolerance and love.

Show dos Trapalhões - Zacarias

Trapalhões Show at Circo Voador

Show dos Trapalhões - Dede e Mussum

Trapalhões Show at Circo Voador

Cia Rubens Barbot Dance Theater

Founded on August 20, 1990 in the Quintino neighborhood in the city of Rio Janeiro, by the choreographer and dancer Rubens Barbot, born in the city of Rio Grande (RS) and based in Rio de Janeiro, 1989. The first Black Company of contemporary dance, maintains today, eighteen years later, a unique work. Supporting his language in permanent research that Barbot develops, centralizing his work in a deep analysis of the gestures, movements and images that are detached from Afro-Brazilian bodies. The process of thinking about reality and trying to transform it through reflection and critical action, as well as thinking about the human condition, has historically been fundamental in the relations of men with nature.

Black Orpheus - Renascença Clube

The Cultne team recorded the cultural celebration of the 60 years of resistance of the Renascença Clube that honored the young actors who acted in the play Orfeu Negro by Vinicius de Moraes. The return of the dramaturgy to Rena was the presentation of the play Cheiro da Feijoada by actress Ilea Ferraz.

The Smell of Feijoada - Iléa Ferraz

Renascença Clube, celebrating its 60 years of cultural resistance in 2011, presented the theatrical show O Cheiro da Feijoada after performing 38 years ago the show Orfeu Negro by Vinicius de Moraes. The musical monologue O Cheiro da Feijoada interpreted and directed by actress Iléa Ferraz tells the story of the origin of feijoada and reveals the importance of the presence of Afro-descendants in the formation of Brazilian culture.

Lima Barreto dos Prazeres - Cia de Teatro

Workshops held especially for the 1st FLUPP, whose author honored was Lima Barreto, at Morro dos Prazeres, in Santa Teresa, in the City of Rio de Janeiro. The workshops took place during the months of September and October. The shows were presented during all FLUPP days, in November 2012.

The pain in Cordel .. for the boy Miguel

Cultne presents a teledrama with the adaptation of the literary text "The pain in Cordel .. for the boy Miguel" by José Vitor Lobisomem, with the participation of actresses Andreia Lugli, Cyda Moreno, Rogéria Cardeal Hta and Taís Alves. Datasheet Title The pain in twine ... for the boy Miguel Author and writer Victor Werewolf Script, conception and direction Cyda Moreno Executive production Filó Filho Cast Andreia Lugli Cyda Moreno Rogéria Cardinal Hta Taís Alves Images From the cast itself Extracted from the internet Illustration. Victor Vanes Assembly and sound: Filó Filho Song Touch of Atabaque (Vitor Werewolf) Horizons (Scott Buckley) Springtime (Vlad Gluschenko) Realization Cultne