Ruth de Souza - Diva of Black Dramaturgy

Cultne re-edited the film Divas Negras da Enugbarijô produced by Vik Birkbeck and Ras Adauto in 1989. In this video, Filó Filho prepared the editing for the Zumbi Vive event that took place on November 29, 2012 at Renascença Clube.

Ruth de Souza & Igbeyawo

Cultne with images and editing by Filó Filho visited actress Ruth de Souza at her residence to record the tribute that Thaisa Barros and Felipe paid to the actress, recognizing her as her inspirer in the Afro-entrepreneurial project Igbeyawo Feiras Afro.

Ruth de Souza - Zumbi Vive

Ruth de Souza nació el 12 de mayo de 1921 en Río de Janeiro, convirtiéndose en una gran diva negra de la dramaturgia. Comenzó a participar en el grupo de actores del teatro Experimental Negro, dirigido por Abdias do Nascimento. Su debut se produjo en la producción The Emperor Jones, basada en la obra de Eugene O'Neill, en 1945. Además del teatro y el cine, tuvo una importante participación en miniseries, telenovelas y teleteatros.

Tribute to Ruth de Souza

Tribute to Ruth de Souza - The black diva of Brazilian theater and cinema. In 1944 she began to study theater at Teatro Experimental do Negro. Her career began to take shape in the 1950s, a time when Ruth studied theater in the United States. In 1951 she starred in the film Sinha Moça, one of the most striking in Brazilian dramaturgy. TV emerged in her life from 1965, when she worked at Tupi, Record and later on TV Globo. Awarded the prize for best actress at the Gramado Festival, Ruth de Souza is the living representation of the ghana and claw of black women in Brazil. She is a pioneer, she is a diva of dramaturgy!

The Negro and Advertising - Ruth de Souza

With images and editing by Filó Filho, in the year of the Centenary of Abolition in 1988 at Cave do Empresario, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, several activists and artists gave testimony about Negroes and Advertising, among them the photographer Januário Garcia, the writer Joel Rufino, composer Luis Carlos da Vila, professor Celby Rodrigues, actress Ruth de Souza, engineer Filó Filho and actors Paulão and Zózimo Bulbul.
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