All Africa in me - Afront Group

The lyrics of “Toda África em mim” are an invitation to travel, together with the author, Renato Ferreira, for the sounds, touches and sounds of names of cities, places, countries, of the African continent, with a Brazilian touch of flavor and history. . In the clip, the costume design is by Ione Carmo, from Abebé Moda Afro-Brasileira, the musical direction is by Celso Santana, the artistic team includes the voices of Adriana de Morais, AceSoul, Alberto Rodrigues Jansem Rodrigues, Ana Luiza Clevelares, Glaziele Reis, Lorena Vieira and Rony Lemos.

Santa Rita Pretos Novos - Line 3 - VLT Carioca

On December 11, 2018, Cultne registered the test trip in line 3 of the system, making official the names of the new stops of the VLT Carioca, among the guests, the members of the Small Africa Commission. Tests on line 3 of the VLT gained a new meaning this Monday night (10), when the names of the new stops on the route were made official, which in addition to geographic references will have tributes to African culture in their names.

Valongo Wharf and Museu dos Pretos Novos - Tourist Guide - Dandara Batista

"Tourist Guide" program broadcast by TV Alerj, with a presentation by journalist Dandara Batista. On the agenda the Cais do Valongo and Museu dos Pretos Novos, with the participation of the historian Prof. Dr. Mônica Lima, Merced Guimarães, the president of the Pretos Novos Institute (IPN), and the historian Claudio Honorato, coordinator of the IPN research center. The Cultne collection provided some images for the documentary, showing its partnership with TV Alerj in the visibility of black culture in our country.

The memory of Little Africa

The researcher Rubens Confete tells the history and memories of the port region in the center of Rio de Janeiro, called Little Africa.
little africa 10:07
EP8 - Cais do Valongo

Cais do Valongo

In 2011, during the excavations carried out as part of the works to revitalize the port area of Rio de Janeiro, the two anchorages - Valongo and Imperatriz - were discovered, one on top of the other, and, next to them, a large amount of amulets and objects of worship originating in Congo, Angola and Mozambique. IPHAN and the city of Rio de Janeiro prepared a dossier for the application of the wharf archaeological site to the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site was declared a World Heritage Site at the 41st session of the UNESCO committee, in 2017.

Seminario Mauá 360º - Cais do Valongo - Museum of Tomorrow

Cultne was present at the Museum of Tomorrow, which held the first edition of Vivências do Tempo that opens with the African Matrix theme in its most different dimensions, including conversation circles, artistic events, outdoor events, educational activities, gastronomy and debates, in a broad program, the event took place on July 27, 2017.

São Jorge festivities at the Cais do Valongo Archaeological Site

On April 23, 2016, the São Jorge festivities took place at Quilombo Pedra do Sal, Instituto Pretos Novos and at the São Francisco da Prainha Church. The proposed activity is an integral part of the SAMBA SAL project - Tribute to Donga, João da Baiana, Pixinguinha and Sinhô created in 2000 and aims at the titling of the quilombola territory Pedra do Sal, its cultural enhancement and the tourism of memory, its development environmental and economic.

III Washing of Valongo Wharf - 2014

III Washing of Cais do Valongo under the command of the lawyer and Yalorixá Mãe Edelzuita do Oxoguian - Iyalorixá do Candomblé, originally from the terreiro of Mãe Menininha do Gantois, in Salvador. With party costumes, flowers, drumsticks, drums and agogôs, mothers of saints and representatives of candomblé performed on July 5, 2014 the symbolic washing ritual of Cais do Valongo, in the port area of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, where more than half landed million enslaved Africans in the middle of the 19th century. (xirê)

Afro African Heritage Parade 2014

African Heritage Circuit - Urban interventions en route to Porto / 2014, a project designed by Zózimo Bulbul to revere our ancestors who landed at Valongo Wharf in Rio de Janeiro.

Afoxé Children of Gandhi at Cais do Valongo - RJ

Cultne recorded the greeting of the African roots matrices of Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi of Rio de Janeiro at Cais do Valongo - port of entry for the largest contingent of enslaved blacks who arrived in the country at the time of slavery.

Connecting territories

In this virtual tour, Via the Zoom platform, you can take a virtual tour of the port region of Rio de Janeiro, known as Little Africa and connect with the legacy left by Africans in the formation of the city of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. From the 18th century to the present day, you will enter the city's historical, cultural and social transformations.

Luiz Eduardo Negrogun Program

Cultne on TV program presented by Neide Diniz, aired on March 16, 2019 on TV Alerj with the guest of the president of CEDINE - Council for the Defense of Black Rights - RJ and member of the Little Africa Commission, Luiz Eduardo Negrogun.