Beatriz Nascimento Special - 1988

An unprecedented interview with Beatriz Nascimento, historian, teacher, screenwriter, poet and human rights activist, recorded after the March of the Black Movement in 1988. The interview granted exclusively to Enugbarijô Comunicações had images by Ras Adauto, interviews by Januário Garcia and Vik Birkbeck . The video was digitized and re-edited by Filó Filho o Acervo Cultne in 2021.

Beatriz Nascimento & Marlene Cunha - GTAR

Historian Maria Beatriz Nascimento was responsible for bringing the story of engineer André Rebouças in Brazil. In 1975 she was already talking about André Rebouças and at Universidade Federal Fluminense the idea of creating the André Rebouças Work Group was from this intellectual and historian from Sergipe.

Beatriz Nascimento - Poem Sonho - GTAR

Poem "Sonho" by Beatriz Nascimento dedicated to all black women around the world, to all other women and to Isabel Nascimento, Regina Timbó and Marlene Cunha / 1989. Source: Nascimento, Beatriz. All distances: poems, aphorisms and essays by Beatriz Nascimento / Organized by Alex Ratts and Bethânia Gomes; illustrated by Iléa Ferraz and reviewed by José Henrique de Freitas Santos.
Beatriz Nascimento 03:42
EP1 - Beatriz Nascimento - 1987

Beatriz Nascimento - 1987

Beatriz Nascimento who shared the table with Celby Rodrigues, president of the Athletics Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro; Filó Filho, director of the Afro group Alaafin Aiyê at the event "Week of Black Decolonization and Contemporaneity" held on July 19, 1987. at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.
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