Marielle Lives Manifest

Mariele Vive, tells a little of the story of this great warrior, who died defending the causes of women, especially black women from the periphery, also militated in LGBTQIA+ causes and also fought with the demands of the black community.

"Marielle Present - I am because we are" - TEASER

The deaths of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes complete a year on March 14, 2019 and a series of demonstrations take place in Brazil and worldwide. Cultne presents his audiovisual work honoring Marielle Franco and her legacy. With the direction of Filó Filho, the film "Marielle Present - I am because we are" traces a look at the black female militancy that embraced Marielle's legacy in yet another form of struggle. Many Marielles were born after her death, making respect for human rights a reality and opening new ways to combat inequalities in our country. TITLE Marielle Present - I am because we are TIME 8m: 45s DIRECTION Filó Filho & Pedro Oliveira IMAGES Mario Elena Filó Filho Pedro Oliveira INTERNET IMAGES Record TV PHOTOGRAPHS Jorge Ferreira Renata Souza (collection) EDITION Filó Filho Pedro Oliveira PRODUCTION Cultne Collection MUSIC Final Reckoning - Asher Fulero Bata Nippon - Alabe Ketujazz Ijexá Gnawa - Alabe Ketujazz Extinction Level Event - Jingle Punks THANKS Glaucus Linx World Social Forum MNU - Unified Black Movement Mandate of Dep. Renata Souza

Marielle Present! - Fight and Mourning Act.

Act of Fight and Mourning in memory of Marielle Franco gathering five thousand people in a climate of great emotion. On Wednesday night (3/14/2018) in Rio de Janeiro, councilor Marielle Franco for Psol RJ and her driver Anderson Gomes were cowardly executed with nine shots. The world witnessed a great barbarism shocking activists and social movements present at the World Social Forum that was taking place in Salvador. The following morning (15) a great event was organized in memory of Marielle, gathering five thousand people who marched out, on a walk through the campus of the Federal University of Bahia and streets in the capital.

Marielle Franco - Councilor elected in 2016

Candidate Marielle Franco at the State Forum of Black Women in Rio de Janeiro (FEMN-RJ) held a meeting with black candidates who competed for a seat in the municipal election. The intention of the forum is to contribute with candidates in their actions and projects in the legislature.

Marielle Franco - I'm in the Collection

Marielle Franco spoke to the Cultne collection. Councilwoman elected by the municipality of Rio de Janeiro was executed on March 14, 2018.
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