Passarela do Samba 02:11
EP7 - Marcos Esguleba - Musician

Marcos Esguleba - Musician

Marcos Esguleba, a man with an easy laugh, has been a drummer for over 16 years. He made his head at Cacique de Ramos and is now 47 years old. It comes out on the drums of Unidos da Tijuca. His name: Marcos Esguleba. He is a friend of Paulinho da Viola, Dona Ivone Lara, Caetano Veloso, Zeca Pagodinho and the whole samba and carnival court. Wherever this man is, there is an appointment with the drumming, he has no closed time.

Empire of the Future in 1985

Enugbarijô under the command of Vik Birkbeck, Ras Adauto and Amauri Pereira were together in Morro da Serrinha registering the first known samba school. There were its founder, Careca and the young Chocolate (Don Capuccino), MC Colibri and the drum master Faísca, today artists who circulate in samba and in Brazilian popular music.
Passarela do Samba 01:54
EP5 - Tribute to Ivan Milanez

Tribute to Ivan Milanez

Cultne pays homage to one of the bastions of the Serrano Empire, the master singer, composer and percussionist Ivan Milanez who died on August 17, 2019. Milanez was one of the great composers and percussionists who emerged on the sacred ground of the glorious Serrano Empire. His biggest success is the song ‘Each one in your each one’, recorded by none other than Zeca Pagodinho, on the album ‘Alô Mundo’, from 1993. On that occasion, Zeca shared the interpretation of the song with Ivan Milanez himself. (source: the carnival)

Guide to Feijoadas of the Samba Schools RJ

Cultne with images and reports by Filó Filho and Pedro Oliveira recorded on January 24, 2013, at Livraria Argumento, the launch of the "Feijoadas Guide of the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro", a kind of "map of the mine" that reveals secrets and flavors of the feijoadas served in the courts of the Samba Schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro, written by Augusto Carazza and Regina Sá.

GRES Salgueiro 2009 - "Drum" - Moisés Santiago

Cultne with images and editing by Filó Filho, Alexandre Dias, Alvaro Araujo and Pedro Oliveira recorded the pre-release of the first Samba do Arruda CD, which took place on March 23, 2014 at Renascença Clube. On the occasion, we recorded the performance of the Arruda group, winner of Talentos do Samba 2014, an award promoted by Antárctica and the singer-songwriter Moisés Santiago, who performed the song "Tambor", a samba enrêdo of 2009 by GRES Acadêmicos do Salgueiro.

Vila Isabel at the Champions' Parade - 2012

Cultne with images and editing by Filó Filho, David Obadia and Pedro Oliveira recorded the Vila Isabel parade in the Parade of Champions at Sapucaí at the 2012 carnival. Vila Isabel, which came in third place in the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro, was the fourth school to perform at the Parade of Champions, at dawn this Sunday (26th), at Marquês de Sapucaí.

Washing of the Samba Walkway - 2018

Washing of the Samba Walkway on February 4, 2018. Traditionally the washing of the catwalk takes place before the parades of the samba schools, which in 2018 did not have the technical parades, in addition to financial problems. The singer Alcione questioned the absence of the technical parades of the samba schools and the neglect of the authorities with the samba dancers and their communities. Actor Milton Gonçalves asked for protection for the city of Rio de Janeiro and several artists attended the event.
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EP2 - Marcelle Motta
TV Alerj 00:31:10
EP18 - Amanda Amado
Ori Festival 06:00
EP12 - Luthuly
Backyard of Madureira 03:06
EP7 - Samba de Roda do Awurê
Afro Dance 06:32
EP20 - Willow cashew
In the balance of Reggae 08:15
EP14 - Gerônimo - Samba Reggae
Cultne Quarantine 1:28:58
EP9 - Negritude - EP 01
Cultne Quarantine 55:48
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