Racionais MC's at CDD - Diary of a detainee

Cultne recorded the show of Racionais MC with images and editing by Filó Filho at the West Coast anniversary party, which celebrated 6 years of existence. Mano Brown led the party with the presence of rappers Helião (RZO) and Lino Kris. On the occasion, the group presented the song "Diary of a detainee" recorded by Racionais and written by Jocemiir, composer and writer of the book "Diary of a detainee".

Mr. Break - Show at Madureira Viaduct

Mr. Break performed in 2005 at Viaduto de Madureira where he presented the sound he made for LUB - Urban Basketball League, The art of basketball Espectacle!! The term "Streetball" does not only originate from the game known as Streetbasketball but also has a special association with youth culture. Sport is connected to the image of the ghetto, which is linked to music (RAP and HipHop). This association is probably due to Streetbasketball's roots, found in the backyards of large American cities, where many young people from the poorest communities in the United States see sport and Streetball as a greater and special possibility for a better future.

Battle of the MC'S 2007 - Chapadão X Lepô

LUB TV recorded the clash between the MC's during the 2007 League of MC's at the Teatro Odisséia in Lapa, downtown Rio de Janeiro. The Liga dos MC´s is the first freestyle championship (improvised rhymes) in Brazil. The competition was born in the bohemian neighborhood of Lapa (RJ), but this year it will embrace several states with stages in Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Recife and São Paulo. In the clashes, the MC's act in rounds of 45 seconds, demonstrating the ability to improvise ideas with creativity and sympathy. in the end it is the public who defines the winner of each battle.

Land of Rap - Lusófono Hip Hop Festival 2013

Cultne recorded the macro event Terra do Rap that took place on the 21st of July 2013, after 20 days of hard work by the RepProdutora Urban Culture Collective, the Lusophone Hip Hop Festival 2013 celebrated the project's success with a beautiful party at SESI Center.

ReFem - The female revolt of Hip Hop

Cultne recorded the launch of the book "Rooted - The Glacial Hybrids" that tells the story of the Rooted Movement. On the occasion, the filmmaker and rapper ReFem gave his testimony about Enraizados.

The Hip Hop of the minor

In May 2007, Dom Filó (LUB TV) was present at the Cultura Black event in the Diaspora: Tribute to James Brow, promoted by Blackitude: Vozes Negras da Bahia, the event featured the launch of the special James Brown zine, films, music, short film, lectures among others.

Nelson Triunfo - Soul & Hip Hop

CULTNE with images and editing by Don Filó recorded the performance of Nelson Triunfo and Funk Cia at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro, within the project "" Another look at him "- the music of the peripheries in the center. "The year was 1970. While the song 'Sex Machine' broke through the North American charts, in the Brazilian backcountry a skinny 16-year-old man, glazed in zabumba, accordion and maracatu, left the countryside of Pernambuco to study and work in the city from Bahia Afonso. There, he heard the master of black music for the first time and never thought of anything else. It was the day when James Brown and Luiz Gonzaga merged: he was the seed of national hip-hop. he planted - the skinny guy already mentioned - this year he gets a biography and a documentary about his trajectory (...) "

Start Rap Group - Hip Hop

On July 17, 2012, Cultne recorded the performance of the Start Group formed by Sain, Faruck, Shock, and DJ Alves on Boate 00 in the south of Rio. The group has been doing RAP in a different way since 2007, with influences from great geniuses of Brazilian music, Rap, Funk and Reggae. They create their beats and the result is a humorous and engaged music with Hip Hop culture, which sings reality and everyday life in a clear and simple way. Start has played on several stages: Circo Voador, Fundição Progresso, Cabaret Kalesa, Madureira Viaduct, Clandestino, Sarajevo, Recanto da Lapa, Luv among others, always making noise and surprising with the attitude on the stage. They have already opened shows for Marcelo D2, played with Kamau on DUBPLATE, with Max B.O. and Pentagon. Sian has already been on stage with, his father, Marcelo D2 on the tour A Busca da Batida Perfeita and on the new album, The Art of Barulho is back with the music Actividad na Laje, his in partnership with D2, in turn Faruck and Shock formed the group of Rap Black School and already did shows in Hip Hop ballads. With the arrival of Dj Alvez the group was formed.

Exquadrilha da Fumaça & Renato da Rocinha

Cultne with images and editing by Filó Filho, Alexandre Dias, Jorge Honda and Pedro Oliveira recorded on October 22, 2013, the show "Quintal do Rena" at Teatro Rival Petrobrás in a meeting that brought together samba artists Renato Milagres and João Martins and the group Exquadrilha da Fumaça, among others. The show is a bit of the atmosphere of the samba circle "Encontro de Bambas" which takes place every Saturday at the Renascença Clube in Anadarái, north of the city of Rio de Janeiro. On that occasion, the group received the guest Renato da Rocinha.

DJ Malboro and Hip Hop in 1986

Hip Hop Rio marked the arrival of Hip Hop on the streets of downtown Rio de Janeiro under the command of DJ Marlboro. DJ Malboro He started his career in 1977, when he was partying at the time called hi-fi, still an amateur and interested, he dedicated himself entirely to having American parties, 15 years old and any place where he needed DJs, in 1980 he became professional, made his first dance at a club called New Saveiro in Lagoinha on a team called Som 2000 DJ Marlboro started to become known nationally when he won the Brazilian DJ Championship in 1989, currently expanding his domains and reaping positive reviews abroad. In June 2003, he participated in the "Summer Stage" [citation needed], at Central Park, becoming the first DJ invited to play in the festival's history [citation needed]. After that he still did shows in New Jersey [citation needed], Chicago [citation needed] and Boston [citation needed]. One of the highlights of his career is the 2003 edition of "Tim Festival" and "Nokia Trends" that definitely boosted his career in Brazil among the elite - in the suburbs and favelas of Rio he was already highly respected for a long time. Malboro was also featured in Spain's biggest electronic festival, "Sónar", in June 2004. He performed in London, during the "Brasil 40 degrees" show. In the same year, Marlboro recorded three performances by the United States of America, as well as visits to countries such as France, England, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Colombia. He was also one of those responsible for launching the funk group Copacabana Beat in the early 90s. Today he keeps dances in the communities and venues of Rio de Janeiro, and presents the program Big Mix, audience leader in Brazil since 2002 on the radio FM O Dia (after passages by Manchete FM [Where the program was still called Top Mix ], RPC FM, Tropical FM, 94FM and Rádio Popular FM) with an average of 400 thousand listeners per minute. On January 12, 2009, the Big Mix program premiered on Rádio Beat98, formerly Rádio 98 FM. He also writes a weekly column for the newspaper O Dia, and is responsible editor of a monthly magazine. In addition, he releases CDs of big names in funk through his own label, in a total of 74 titles already released. Marlboro lives in Rio de Janeiro where he promotes charitable events [citation needed] throughout the year, with funds for institutions and needy people, such as the "Baile do Material Escolar", "Baile do Agasalho" and " Toy Ball ". Marlboro has participated in films, video clips and miniseries by Brazilian artists. His trajectory is recorded in the books "Cidade Partida", by Zuenir Ventura "O Mundo Funk Carioca", by Hermano Viana "Abalando os Anos 90", by Michel Herschmann. In addition, he has also released two of his own: "Funk in Brazil by himself" and "Adventure of Dj Malboro through the Land of Funk". Source: wikipedia

Hip Hop Generation - Pt 1

LUB TV recorded the III Geração Hip Hop Meeting at Sesc São Gonçalo in 2006. The Geração Hip Hop project, initiated in November 2004, was carried out by SESC Rio in partnership with FINEP, with 20 young artists from different communities dedicated to the four elements that make up the Hip Hop culture: Rap, Break, Dj and Graffiti. The project aimed to generate income for young artists in a sustainable way through art while improving their artistic skills. In a partnership between SESC Rio and the Centro Cultural Châteauvallon in Toulon (France), 9 project participants were chosen and performed for 3 months (May to July 2005) in various cultural spaces in France and Tunisia, with the show "Zona Branca" ".
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