Launch of the Awurê Documentary

Cultne coverage at the launch of the documentary "Na Rota do Samba de Roda" by the Awurê group at Estação Net Botafogo.

Awure White Wears - Ep1

The event "Awurê Veste Branco" bears the signature "Originais Cultne". The party marked the end of the year 2021 with a lot of energy, beauty, identity and axé.

Awure - Palm Wednesday

Presentation of the Awurê Group at Quintal de Madureira on the last Wednesday of 2021 - Wednesday of Dendê
Awure Group 02:18:08
EP15 - Awurê en Bahía

Awurê en Bahía

The trip along the Rota do Samba de Roda presented us with incredible encounters, profound knowledge and unforgettable stories, but above all it nourished us with lessons that we will take with us for a lifetime. We literally drank at the source, with humility, seriousness and great devotion to the Masters and Masters who, during every day of our journey through Salvador, the Recôncavo and the Sertão, touched us with the simplicity of the grandeur that lives in these ladies and sambadeiros. At the front, we have an ancestral commitment to watch over, present and spread the origins of Samba de Roda as it was passed on to us. Live the samba de roda, live the Bahian Recôncavo, Bahia and the samba!! Awure for you.

Awurê 2020 campaign teaser

Teaser of the crowdfunding campaign for recording EP and Clip Awurê, with authorial and unpublished songs by renowned composers, such as Teresa Cristina, Altay Veloso and Antonio Sima. Awurê is a musical group whose main guideline is to highlight Brazilian rhythms and African sounds, break intolerances and make popular culture from the ancestral African influence in our society. The focus on the diversity of rhythms and sounds is what marks the musical conception adopted by the Project, within a respect for the sacred and as a way of preserving our memory, rescuing our identity through culture, reafricanizing samba and other rhythms in diaspora. An exponent in the city's cultural scene, he feels the need to consolidate his trajectory in an audiovisual work that, in addition to rewriting his own history as a protagonist, demystifies through art, the effects and causes of religious racism in society.

Making of Live from Awurê

Making of Live do Awurê held in their new backyard in Rio de Janeiro.

AWURÊ - Our Mission

The term ÀWÚRÊ is part of the great collection of Yorubá words and has a rather complex formation (*À*= us or us, *WÚ* = desire and *RÉ* ibukun = su the blessings); but that has crossed the time and is still spoken, along with other languages, in the west part of Africa. Mainly in Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Sierra Leone. In most of the sacred chants in reverence to the African gods, the term appears to mention and wish luck, blessings, prosperity, good things in general. And with the purpose of taking such good things, with music as a link and drums as the catalyst for this ancestral energy, the group ÀWÚRÉ appears. Formed from unpretentious meetings, by members full of baggage and coming from different schools, the group has the traditional samba as its main driving force. In addition to the diversity of rhythms and sounds, it is what marks the adopted musical concept. A tour through the various forms of samba, jongo, ijexá, coco and some Candomblé touches; the group works with respect for the sacred and as a form of cultural preservation.

Awurê at "Quarta do Dendê " at Hotel Selina

Cultne registered at the Hotel Selina in Lapa the party "Quarta do Dendê" of the ÀWÚRÉ group.

Awurê - Learn more about us - Ep: 03

Cultne recorded and produced, with images by Gabriel Torraca, editing by Pedro Oliveira and reporting by Anderson Quack, the speeches of the public that fill the premises of the ÀWÚRÉ group's monthly event in February 2019.

Awurê - Learn more about us - Ep: 02

Cultne recorded and produced, with images by Gabriel Torraca, editing by Pedro Oliveira and reporting by Anderson Quack, the speeches of the public that fill the premises of the ÀWÚRÉ group's monthly event in February 2019.

Awurê - Learn more about us - Ep: 01

Cultne recorded and produced, with images by Gabriel Torraca, editing by Pedro Oliveira and reporting by Anderson Quack, the speeches of the public that fill the premises of the ÀWÚRÉ group's monthly event in February 2019.
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EP7 -

AWURÊ-SAVE THE TRICK! A memorable night, where the king of the night was revered, the relaxed and humble bohemian who likes bars and games, with a beautiful artistic intervention by Celinho Show, staging the figure of this Pernambuco, master of Jurema, catimbó's light entity, came in the line of rogues to do charity and advocate for the poor; with the participation of Mell (Navalha) and Hamilton (Trickster). Cultne recorded it in Madureira, north of Rio de Janeiro, on October 20, 2019 with images by Mario Elena and Gabriel Torraca and editing by Pedro Oliveira.
Awure Group 06:19


Singers Ari and Priscila tell a little about the Awurê group. They speak of the ethmology of the word that comes from the Yoruba language and generally means "good luck and prosper", good things in general. He was born in the Madureira neighborhood, birthplace of samba. In Madureira, his samba circles are set in Awurê's backyard, a place under a large tree, in contact with nature and the energy of the Orixás. The Group was born to be a reference and resistance in the struggle of black people and African-based religions against prejudice and intolerance.

Awurê Group - Save Malandragem

"Save the Malandragem" Given the countless requests we made available in full, the beautiful scenic moment (no one is incorporated) of respect and homage to the trickster, there in the backyard in Madureira (RJ), where the Awurê Group receives its fans and friends.
Awure Group 44:38
EP4 - Crossroads


At the great crossroads of the world, where love, respect, affection, colors, sounds, aversions ... meet, here we are to ask for permission and reverence its illustrious and noble resident. The one who keeps the world in the little room and holds water in the sieve. The mouth of the all-eating world! Without Exu there is no coming and going, there is no movement, communication, cycles, paths, lustful, libido ...

Live - Awurê Group EP Release Show

Grupo Awurê launches its first EP, with the influence of candomblé, bringing together a musical encounter that mixes the sounds of the terreiros, which have three types of drums: maracatu, afoxés, jongo and samba de roda. A highlight of the EP is Ogan Bangbala singing to Oxalá and asking for good things for all of humanity.

Live - Show by the group Awurê - Ori Fstival

Show by the Rio group Awurê at the end of the Ori Festival, with the participation of singer and composer Altay Veloso. In partnership with Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation and Olabi, Cultne presented the Ori Festival: an online program involving technology, innovation and black culture on November 20, 2020.

Live Awurê no Quintal

Live do Awurê held on August 16, 2020. Broadcast: Dob Photo and Video | Jader photos Sound: Andec Sound
Contemporary Black Mov... 04:15
EP7 - Street Children - 80s
Contemporary Black Mov... 02:18
EP15 - Luiza Mahim - Brazilian Warriors
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EP5 - Love Dance - Ludmilla
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EP4 - Boogie Week 2022
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EP17 - Samba Social Thought
Backyard of Madureira 03:06
EP7 - Samba de Roda do Awurê
CEAP - Center for Arti... 00:29:05
EP17 - CULTNE - Awurê Feira da Providencia 2921
Baile Black Bom 00:27:23
EP7 - Coverage - Baile Black Bom
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Live Culture 03:23:06
EP6 - Live Awurê no Quintal
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EP5 - Awure White Wears - Ep1
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EP4 - Awure - Palm Wednesday