Conversation with singer Lazzo Matumbi

Singer and composer Lazzo Matumbi talks about his career and the importance of samba in Brazilian popular music.

Thamirys Borsan's mood

The meeting of comedians Serjão Loroza and Thamirys Borsan dialoguing with great humor the issues of the black community.

CULTNE - Festival Ori - Rhumor - Leo Santos

Participation of the talented Bahian Leo Santos with his successful character on social networks. Mãe Rita has due prominence for traditional Afro blocks in Salvador's Carnival. Leo presents references - through humor - of how our beauty, culture, are part of Salvador's life, especially of black people.

Isabela Adão interviews Chris Williams in NY

Video that is part of the Ori Festival, a super live of more than six hours in length, shown on November 20, 2020, National Black Awareness Day. Isabela Adão interviews actor Chris Williams directly from New York for the Ori Festival.

Sergio All - Ceo & Founder of Conta Black - Festival Ori

Sérgio All and partner Fernanda Ribeiro, both black, opened Conta Black in São Paulo two years ago. - Idea is to offer less bureaucracy for access to banking services and financial education - Account opening can be done via cell phone, sending only ID and proof of residence - The goal is to promote financial education for clients, with expense control via app and organization of workshops - Target audience are classes C, D and E; there are 5,000 customers in the country

Zumbi dos Palmares - Prof. Flávio Gomes

Historian Flavio Gomes developed a thought about the Zumb saga for Festival Ori, held on November 20, 2020. In partnership with Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation and Olabi, Cultne presented the Ori Festival: an online program involving technology, innovation and black culture on November 20, 2020. On occasion, MC and graffiti artist Airá o Crespo contributes with his work with the Ori Festival. ORI Festival - Head into Consciousness. November 20, 2020

Mother Africa - Altay Veloso

Emblematic video of the opening of the ORI Festival - Head in Conscience. Direction: David Obadia, Mauricio Eiras and Asfilófio Filho; Director of photography and editing: David Obadia; Poetry and soundtrack: Altay Veloso; Actresses: Léa Garcia, Cida Moreno and Lilian Amancai; Digi2 Filmes / Cultne coproduction

Abdias Nascimento profile

The video tells the story of TEN - Teatro Experimental do Negro founded by Abdias do Nascimento. In an interview, abdias himself talks about the reasons that led him to create TEN, from which many black actors and black actresses came from. TEN gave opportunity, gave the chance for actors to learn and develop. Upon returning to Brazil, he was arrested because of racism and political issues. At the Carandirú penitentiary he creates the sentenced theater, where he once again takes on art as a form of resistance and transformation.
Ori Festival 06:19


Singers Ari and Priscila tell a little about the Awurê group. They speak of the ethmology of the word that comes from the Yoruba language and generally means "good luck and prosper", good things in general. He was born in the Madureira neighborhood, birthplace of samba. In Madureira, his samba circles are set in Awurê's backyard, a place under a large tree, in contact with nature and the energy of the Orixás. The Group was born to be a reference and resistance in the struggle of black people and African-based religions against prejudice and intolerance.

Beatriz Nascimento - Ori Festival

Historian Raquel Barreto talks about her research on the biography of the historian and professor Beatriz Nascimento. She shows how Beatriz's thought was highly revolutionary for her time, and that it still shows this same character today, showing that her questioning still has an impact on thinking about the racial issue and slavery in Brazil.

Isabela Adão interviews Chris Williams

Directly from New York in the United States, international correspondent Isabela Adão interviews actor, writer and teacher Chris Williams. He was born in Brooklyn and started getting involved in theater at an early age. He tells us about his first involvements with art from childhood until his last work, in the Netflix series she's gotta have by director Spike Lee.

Natara Ney Interview

Natara Ney film editor tells us a little about her history and her first experiences with film editing, she talks about her first film editing which was in the little prince and after contact with other black producers and filmmakers who show different things that she didn't learn in her film training. From the contact with the people who made black cinema and theater, she established her place and where she should commit her work force.
Ori Festival 08:49
EP14 - Black Narratives

Black Narratives

The video Narrativas Negras shows accounts by actors, Valdinéia Soriano, Alex Melo, Rodrigo França and Déo Garcez, on the importance of the opening of Abdias do Nascimento's experimental theater for blacks, where it represented the first moment in which blacks acquire the role of protagonism , in the intention of being able to see and recognize oneself in history and overcome the barriers imposed by race that are present in equal proportion in art and culture.

Nana and Nile Animation

The animation Nana and Nilo play time is a children's animation, where the main characters are black children. The animation addresses some important themes of the black children's universe. This video was supported by the Department of Policies for the Promotion of Racial Equality, of the Ministry of Culture. The script is by Renato Noguera, directed by Sandro Lopes, Art direction Cris Pereira, Creation and musical direction by Augusto Bapt and production by Vilma Neres.
Ori Festival 06:00
EP12 - Luthuly


Singer and composer Luthuli Ayodele, a breeder from Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, lives in this connection between the favela and the asphalt. He speaks to the ORI festival about his career in music and his influences.
Ori Festival 21:14
EP11 - Black Market

Black Market

Paulo Rogério, co-founder of the Vale do Dendê accelerator, talks about the black market and black money, and how this has been increasingly achieved throughout history since the period of slavery, when the first ideas of cooperation in this sense of creating a consumer market of products and services of the black community.

Marielle Lives Manifest

Mariele Vive, tells a little of the story of this great warrior, who died defending the causes of women, especially black women from the periphery, also militated in LGBTQIA+ causes and also fought with the demands of the black community.

Rhumor Yasmin Fiorelo

Actor, singer and comedian Serjão Loroza presents the performance of the comedian Yas Fiorelo at the ORI festival. She presents a very funny performance where she represents sometimes a candidate for a job and sometimes the evaluator of this same candidate. She humorously addresses the diverse issues involved in this dynamic.

Rhumor Tamires Borsam

Actor, singer and comedian Serjão Loroza presents the performance of comedian Tamirys Borsan at the ORI festival. Born and raised in Pedra do Sapo, located in Complexo do Alemão, in the northern part of the city of Rio, In 2019, Tamirys Borsan began her career with humorous videos of daily accounts of a young woman in society without getting stuck only to the stereotypes of a black woman from the favela, approaching different subjects, presenting them from a new perspective.
Ori Festival 05:29
EP7 - Rhumor Leo Santos

Rhumor Leo Santos

Actor, singer and comedian Serjão Loroza presents the performance of comedian Leo Santos at the ORI festival, with his mother character Rita, who was created with the aim of overcoming prejudice against Afro-based religions through humor.

Animation at Hora do Blec

Fun and education go hand in hand! all animations have their themes inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the UN. These are the humanitarian issues that must serve as a priority in all countries by 2030! It's sustainability and joy in the form of music!

Making of Filhas de Zambi

Making of the recording of the song Daughters of Zambi by Altay Veloso, with the interviews of altay and the singers who participated in the music video recorded in the studio.
Ori Festival 05:34
EP4 - AISHA interview

AISHA interview

Model, actress, DJ and director Aisha Mbikila tells a bit of her story and her strong connection with her African ancestry, already marked by her name.
Ori Festival 07:38
EP3 - Ras Adaulto

Ras Adaulto

Activist and filmmaker Ras Adauto talks about some of his film, media and audio visual projects in schools and cultural centers in Berlin, Germany.

Lazzo Matumbi - Festival Ori

Singer and composer Lazzo Matumbi talks about the musical concept of his music, which is influenced by his samba bases, and also about other influences such as reagge, maracatu, ijexá and condomblé rhythms.

Nelson Maca Interview

The poet Nelso Maca talks about his book Relatos da Guerra negra or Bahia Baixa Estação. Where there are several reports about the literal understanding of the black wars in search of liberation in any country. The narrative is more about the black war in the daily lives of men and women.

Afro blocks Ilê Aiyê and Olodum

Vovô do Ilê President and founder of Bloco Afro Ilê Aiyê and João Jorge President and founder of Bloco Olodum talk about the creation of the Blocos that became a reference for Afro music and culture, initially in Bahia and later throughout Brazil.

Gabriel Moura speaks of the 20th of November

Musician and composer Gabriel Moura talks about November 20th, O Dia da Consciência Negra.
Ori Festival 06;23
EP18 - Quilombo PCD

Quilombo PCD

Understand what the Quilombo PCD is and what its fight is. Understand that the struggle is even more unequal for blacks with some kind of disability.

Serra da Barriga climb

Carlos Moura Creator and first president of Fundação Palmares, historian Zezito Araújo, activist and founder of the MNU Raimundo Bujão, Doctor of Philosophy Helena Theodoro talk about Serra da Barriga.

Palmares Foundation

Carlos Moura Creator and first president of the Palmares Foundation, the historian Zezito Araújo, the activist and founder of the MNU Raimundo Bujão, the historical activist of the black movement Abgail Easter talk about the Palamares foundation, and the 20th of November.

Quilombo de palmares

Helena Theodoro, PhD in Philosophy, historian and professor at UFRJ, Flávio Gomes, and professor and President of IBD Hélio Santos talk about the Quilombo de Palmares for the ORI Festival.

The march of black women in Rio de Janeiro

Strong female presence in the March of the Black Women on July 30, 2017 on the Copacabana waterfront in the city of Rio de Janeiro. There were thousands of women fighting for good living.

Rhudson Victor's mood

The meeting of comedians Serjão Loroza and Rhudson Victor, dialoguing the issues of the black community with great humor.

Isabel Filardis interviews Sil Bahia - Ori Festival

Festival Ori presenter Isabel Fillardis interviews D&I consultant, researcher, mentor and curator and executive co-director at Olabi, Silvana Bahia.

Ori Festival - Altay Veloso _ Daughters of Zambi

Singer and composer Altay Veloso who composed with partner Paulo Cesar Feital the Music Filhas de Zambi participated live at the Ori Festival. In partnership with Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation and Olabi, Cultne presented the Ori Festival: an online program involving technology, innovation and black culture on November 20, 2020.

Ori Memorial - Airá Ocrespo

Graffiti artist Airá O Crepo immortalized at Memorial Ori, a panel that aims to strengthen the memory of black personalities in Rio de Janeiro.

The 20 November of Zumbi dos Palmares - Ori Festival

November 20, Zumbi dos Palmares - Excerpt from the Ori Festival program broadcast on social networks on November 20, 2020

Luiz Gama, the voice of freedom

Historian Ana Flavia Pinto and actor Deo Garcez developed a thought about the abolitionist lawyer Luiz Gama for Festival Ori, held on November 20, 2020.
Ori Festival 03:42
EP7 - Post Event Teaser

Post Event Teaser

In partnership with Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation and Olabi, Cultne held the Ori Festival on November 20, 2020: an online program involving technology, innovation and black culture.

Interview with Silvana Bahia

Silvana Bahia interview with Isabel Filardis during the Ori Festival on November 20, National Day of Black Awareness. In partnership with Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation and Olabi, Cultne presented the Ori Festival: an online program involving technology, innovation and black culture on November 20, 2020.

The importance of November 20

Historical black militants from various parts of Brazil talk about the importance and construction of the 20th of November, when Black Awareness Day is celebrated.

The importance of Luiz Gama

The importance of Luiz Gama, who was a poet, journalist and lawyer, and responsible for the liberation of many enslaved people, before slavery was abolished in Brazil. The actor Deo Garcez, who plays Luiz gama in the theater and Profa. Dr. Ana Flávia Magalhães Pinto talks about the importance of this great abolitionist.

Black Marches of Yesterday and Today

Record of marches in the years 1988 and 2020. Presence of the black struggle on the streets. In 1988 the black movement took to the streets against racial discrimination and racism. In 2020, black youth fulfilled their role in the Vidas Negras Importam movement.

November 20 - Ori Festival

Historian Flavio Gomes presents an overview of the importance of November 20 - Black Awareness Day. The date refers to the day of the death of Zumbi dos Palmares, leader of Quilombo de Palmares, who fought to preserve the way of life of enslaved Africans who managed to escape slavery. Quilombo de Palmares was located in Serra da Barriga, in the former Captaincy of Pernambuco.
Ori Festival 01:16
EP1 - Call Ori Festival

Call Ori Festival

Festival Ori, uma super live com mais de 6 horas de duração que celebrou o 20 de Novembro, Dia Nacional da Consciência Negra no ano de 2020. Com apresentação de Lica Oliveira, Rafael Mike, Carlos Alberto Medeiros e Aza Njeri, a programação é recheada com quadros de humor, slam de poesias, entrevistas em estúdio, correspondentes internacionais, economia, moda, beleza e música, contemplando a diversidade e a riqueza cultural da população negra no Brasil.
Contemporary Black Mov... 01:23
EP7 - Carlos Medeiros - Zumbi 2010
Contemporary Black Mov... 00:38
EP6 - Berenice Aguiar - Renascença Clube
Contemporary Black Mov... 07:53
EP15 - Sônia Giacomini - Renascença Clube
Contemporary Black Mov... 08:15
EP2 - Renaissance - Black Awareness Week
Contemporary Black Mov... 04:43
EP3 - Paulo Roberto Santos - Zumbi 2010
Contemporary Black Mov... 02:40
EP20 - Pai Ricardo D'Oxum - Zumbi 2010
Roda de Samba 02:09
EP16 - Pedra do Sal - RJ
Nossas Histórias 00:18:34
EP15 - Guilherme Oliveira Lemoso
Nossas Histórias 00:27:56
EP8 - Antonio Bispo
Nossas Histórias 00:31:30
EP4 - Marcelo José Domingos
Nossas Histórias 00:14:17
EP3 - Álvaro Pereira dos Santos
Nossas Histórias 00:23:13
EP18 - Carlos Augusto Braga
Post-Abolition Stories 16:62
EP13 - Amilcar Pereira - UFRJ
Abdias do Nascimento 08:21
EP14 - Abdias Nascimento profile
Awure Group 06:19
Live Events 04:23:00
EP5 - Ori Festival 2021
Live Events 08:33:38
EP4 - Ori Festival 2020