Ray Lema and Margareth Menezes

Enugbarijô recorded Ray Lema's concert in Salvador, Bahia where the musician performed with a soup made by Bahian singer Margareth Menezes. An old acquaintance of Brazil, Chico César's partner, the musician opened the edition of Rock In Rio in 2001. Quite popular in France, where he lives today, Ray Lema is known for creating sounds from the traditional music of Congo, his country of origin, and also for its authorial language without limits of mergers with other rhythms. Pianist, composer, conductor and singer, Lema began his artistic career as a classical pianist. He played with big names in African music like Tabu Ley, Rochereau and Papa Wemba in the bars of Kinshasha. Participating witness to the birth of World Music, Lema is now known for creating sounds based on traditional Congo music and also for his authorial language without limits of merging with other rhythms. Before settling in France in 1982, he also lived in the United States.

Margareth Menezes & Olodum - 1987 - I spoke Pharaoh !!

The Enugbarijô by Vik and Adauto recorded the Olodum parade at the carnival in Salvador in 1987 with the theme Pharaoh. Margareth Menezes led the party in Pelourinho.

Divinity Pharaoh of Egypt - Margareth Menezes at Olodum

Cultne takes you on a trip to the carnivals of the Afro blocks of Salvador, preparations for the 1988 carnival. Enugbarijô Comunicações by Ras Adauto and Vik Birkbeck registered the Festival of Music and Arts of Olodum - FEMADUM in 1988. Margareth Menezes toasted the public in Pelourinho with the hit "Pharaoh Divinity of Egypt".