Interview with Ms. Abena Busia, Ambassador of Ghana to Brazil by Carlos Medeiros

The journalist Carlos Alberto Medeiros interviewed the Ambassador of Ghana in Brazil, Mrs. Abena Busia in February 2022 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Copacabana. On the occasion, the ambassador spoke about the launch of the Pan African Heritage Museum (PAHM) in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The museum will showcase the history, arts and culture of Africa from Ancient Egypt to the present and will create an environment where people of African descent can unlearn and relearn the true history, culture and civilization of Africa. See the Portuguese version on

One year after the death of Congolese Moïse Kabagambe

The death of Congolese Moïse Kabagambe completed one year this Tuesday (24) and the immigrant's relatives said, during tributes on the date, that justice is being very slow in the case. At a mass celebrated at the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio, Moïse's mother, Lotsove Lolo Lavy Ivone, said that she hopes for more speed in the judgment of the culprits. Cultne Coverage: Reporter - Neide Diniz Images and editing: Angelino Albaneze Direction - Filo Filho
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EP5 - Love Dance - Ludmilla

Love Dance - Ludmilla

On the 22nd of October, another edition of the Baile do Amor took place at Fundição Progresso. The dance that already exists for 10 years had the opening of YOÚN and Ludmilla as main attraction, with tickets sold out, we had another very successful edition Follow everything that happened on this day with our coverage.
Cobertura Cultne 00:02:36
EP4 - Boogie Week 2022

Boogie Week 2022

The Boogie Week Festival strengthened the black scene in São Paulo! The event created by Boogie Naipe brought together black powers to discuss their knowledge in a disruptive format, praising cultural, musical and intellectual productions designed by and for black people. In its second edition, the event featured names such as Tasha & Tracie, Tati Quebra Barraco, Kondzilla, Rincon Sapiência, Mano Brown, Carlos Dafé, and the surprise participation of Seu Jorge, in addition to many others.

“1st DJ Expo – Time Does Not Stop” - Discoterj 2022

Cultne TV was in October 2022 at the Parque Estadual Library, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, recording “1st Expo DJ – O Tempo Não Para” which records the last 50 years of the history of DJs and clubs in Brazil. The event is organized by Discoterj, an association of DJs and VJs from RJ, with the support of the State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro (Sececrj).

Awurê invites Ilê Aiyê to Fundição Progresso

A historic event marked the meeting of Grupo Awurê and Bloco Afro Ilê Aiyê at Fundição Progresso in Rio de Janeiro on August 10, 2022. About 3 thousand people, mostly black, occupied the Fundição with joy and beauty, which received the great public in all its spaces. Cultne was present recording the party.

Black Resistance to the Racial Exclusion Project - Brazil 200 Years

Recently, the book "Black Resistance to the Racial Exclusion Project - Brazil 200 Years" was released. Organized by professor and doctor Hélio Santos, the book brings together texts by 34 black intellectuals from different regions of the country to reflect on the 200 years of Brazil's Independence. Cultne was present recording the launch of this work and the testimonies of intellectuals and partners who were also present to honor this book that will serve as a reference for a new Brazil.

Black Good Ball in Little Africa - Edition 03

Coverage Cultne Especial Baile Black Bom held in September 2022 at Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Anthony David in Rio de Janeiro

Black Bom Institute and Cultne TV Present: Autograph Afternoon with Anthony David Directly from Atlanta, American R&B singer and songwriter Anthony David, at the invitation of Instituto Black Bom and Cultne Tv, kindly graced us with an afternoon of autographs in the lobby of Hotel Selina, Lapa, for Black Music lovers. Known for his song 4Evermore in partnership with Algebra & Phonte hit Bailes Charme in addition to "Words", a duet with contemporary R&B singer India. Arie who was nominated for a Grammy for Best R&B Performance. Anthony has released 7 critically acclaimed albums and has sold over 10 million albums. On the occasion we also had ambient music with resident Dj Flash from Baile Black Bom and Don Jay (USA), a pleasant atmosphere with exchange of ideas with dance groups, soul music lovers and a unique opportunity to see this great icon of black music from near.

Premiere Woman King - Viola Davis RJ

On Monday, September 19, we covered the premiere of the film 'The King Woman', with the illustrious presence of the film's star Viola Davis. The event took place at Copacabana Palace and received a team of celebrities such as Roger Cipó, Eliana Alves Cruz, Jeniffer Dias, Yuri Marçal, Camila de Lucas, Sabrina Fidalgo, Taís Araújo, Lázaro Ramos, Renato Nogueira, Conceição Evaristo, Elisa Lucinda, Paulo Vieira , Aline Borges and Aline Wirley who were interviewed by our journalist Gerson Saldanha and they talked a little about what they thought of the film and what their expectations were. Remembering that the feature tells the story of an army of women from the Kingdom of Dahomey, a region of Africa dominated by France, where Benin is now located. The story of the Amazons is what moves the film, shot in South Africa.
Cobertura Cultne 15:14:00
EP17 - Samba Social Thought

Samba Social Thought

Intellectuals, artists and samba lovers debate ideas and defend carnival rites and codes! We were present covering the new edition of "Escolas de samba: Cultura e negritude", a course that aims to discuss the phenomenon of samba schools from the perspective of the experience of racism and black slavery in Brazil. The objective of the meeting is to understand the construction of samba schools as a space for black associations and sociability in the post-abolition scenario.

Stop Talking Badly About Routine

Celebrating 20 years in theaters, the show PAREM DE FALAR MAL DA ROOTINA brings together stories lived and heard by Elisa Lucinda, as a good observer of everyday life, in addition to poems taken from her books, such as “O Similar” and “Eu te amo e sua premieres” ”. The result is just over two hours of praise for the routine among different characters, forcing us to observe ourselves from the outside, and helping us to realize that “the routine” is something fictitious that we create. The conclusion is that we have the power of change, we are the directors, actors and producers of our own lives. In an interactive way, it proposes a fun reflection on everyday life. Using verses and casual conversations about routine, it is a kind of mirror capable of projecting a thousand possibilities, causing real transformations in our social, professional and personal relationships. “The play was born from the countless lessons that nature teaches us every day. The great lesson is the ability to debut that makes everything in nature happen in a spectacular way, day-by-day: sunrise, sunset, the sky, the rain, the stars, the winds and the afternoons. Nature teaches everyone, but sometimes, distracted students that we are, we don't see the beautiful obvious that it offers us and the tips it can give us in the conduct of our daily lives”, says the actress. De-litizing poetry, Elisa speaks the poetic text as if talking to the public, moving people of all kinds, from ten to a hundred years old, and amusing with her words. An intelligent self-help, a citizenship class through emotional education, because by taking better care of our routine, authors and protagonists that we are in it, we will take better care of ourselves, those around us and the world around us.

Senzala and Favela - Fundição Progresso

Cultne coverage on 07.12.2022 at the audition of the unreleased album by Wilson das Neves, Senzala e Favela. The event brought together musicians and the entire team involved in Fundição Progresso. The project was born 5 years ago from a research on the history and compositions of Wilson das Neves, one of the greatest drummers in Brazilian music, singer and songwriter awarded a Sharp Award (O Som Sagrado de Wilson das Neves/1996) and best samba album (Pra gente do mais um samba/2011) at the Brazilian Music Award. With executive production by Alexandre Segundo and Núcleo Cigarras, and investment by Saúva, the album features voices from Chico Buarque, Maria Rita, Seu Jorge, Rodrigo Amarante, D2, Áurea Martins and other MPB stars.
Cobertura Cultne 00:06:42
EP14 - Blec time

Blec time

Hora do Blec premiered in August 2020 on YouTube, as a work of music videos aimed at children from 2 to 7 years old, this is an artistic initiative that aims to contribute to a better world through its characters, especially the protagonist Blec , a black boy who discovers superpowers and acts in favor of a more just collective reality. To celebrate 2 years of Hora do Blec, two beautiful screenings of the first complete season of the clips took place at the Xinoplex Nova Iguaçu cinema, Baixada Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro. Yasmin Garcez, actress and director of the program and David Jr, actor and producer spoke a little about the importance of black audiovisual protagonism in childhood and the emotion of bringing the session to cinemas in the periphery.
Cobertura Cultne 00:19:12
EP13 - Race and Equality

Race and Equality

Cultne received Mrs Mccauley, Commissioner of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. In a conversation with journalist Carlos Alberto Medeiros, the commissioner spoke about the advances and regressions discussed in relation to Human Rights in recent years. According to Mccauley, race is the area that has made the most progress in Brazil, in the last 20 years, after affirmative actions began to be implemented in public universities, we had as a positive consequence, we find more Afro-Brazilians in advertising and television work. However, there is still a need for advancement, watch the full interview.
Cobertura Cultne 00:09:28
EP12 - Querino Project

Querino Project

Projeto Querino' a Podcast that narrates the black struggle! Cultne was present on August 6th at the premiere of the Projeto Querino Podcast, which is a Podcast with eight episodes that shows how history explains Brazil today. A story you may not have heard, read or seen. The series is led by a mostly black team and as a result of two years of work, the project was conceived and presented by journalist Tiago Rogero.
Cobertura Cultne 00:23:20
EP11 - Black Word Show

Black Word Show

In 2019, Coletivo Preto and Companhia de Teatro Íntimo got together to tell the story of the poet of the people Solano Trindade through his poetry. The play 'Negra Palavra Solano Trindade', has a totally black cast, there are 10 actors who rescue the texts of the Pernambuco poet and situations experienced by black people. The premiere was at Sesc Tijuca, then Teatro Poeira, Sala de Cultura Laura Alvim, Feverestival in Campinas SP, and the pandemic came. The show that was physical was reinvented for ONLINE form, and it was so successful that this version was awarded by APTR with the Manoela Pinto Guimarães Young Talent Award; and the Leda Maria Martins Award for Black Scenic Arts, in the Ancestry category.
Cobertura Cultne 00:03:52
EP10 - Nobody Knows My Name

Nobody Knows My Name

Cultne was present at Sesc Copacabana covering the show "Ninguém Sabe Meu Nome". The performance and text of Ana Carbatti (@ana_carbatti) for this play, and her presentation directed by Inez Viana and Isabel Cavalcanti, moves us when we understand that for a young woman or a young man, a son or a daughter, growing up black in Brazil is grow to overcome centuries of history, of a history that does not pass. The show reflects on the racist codes existing in society, their impasses, impacts and possible proposals for repair.

Inauguration of the Statue of Marielle Franco

Inauguration on July 27, 2022 of the statue of councilwoman Marielle Franco, murdered in 2018, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. The place chosen was Buraco do Lume, where Marielle met with voters weekly to give an account of her mandate.

Black Good Ball in Little Africa - Edition 2

Coverage Cultne Especial Baile Black Bom held in July 2022 at Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
Cobertura Cultne 00:03:12
EP7 - Workshop Baile Black Bom

Workshop Baile Black Bom

Coverage of the Black Bom Review, third edition, held at the MUHCAB (Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture), which marks the continuation of the 2022 season of Baile Black Bom back in Little Africa. The meetings take place free of charge, with more than 300 people assisted in the charm course for beginners.
Cobertura Cultne 00:13:49
EP6 - Abdias Nascimento's spell

Abdias Nascimento's spell

Launch of the book and the new edition of the play Sortilégio, written in 1959 by Abdias do Nascimento. The initiative was taken by the Institute of Afro-Brazilian Research and Studies (IPEAFRO) and the program also included performative readings, autograph sessions and the participation of references from contemporary black theater.

VIII March of Black Women of Rio de Janeiro - 2022

Cultne recorded last Sunday (31/07), at Copacabana Beach, in the South Zone of Rio, the VIII March of Black Women, with the theme 'For life, rights, dignity and for a fair and anti-racist society. More black women in power!' The march started from Posto 3 towards Leme, bringing together thousands of black women from 40 municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Datasheet: Directed by Filo Filho Images and editing - Angelino Albaneze Aerial Images - Maurício Brito Production - Manuela Veloso and Janaina Melo Reporter - Nil Mendonca Audiovisual - Cultne TV

Advocacia Preta Carioca (APC)

On July 13, Advocacia Preta Carioca (APC) and OABRJ held the 1st Seminar on Advocacia Preta Carioca – challenges and solutions in the democratic rule of law.
Cobertura Cultne 00:06:38
EP3 - Trancista Day - AfroDai

Trancista Day - AfroDai

June 6th was decreed by the legislation of the State and Municipality of Rio de Janeiro as the day of the trancista person, recognizing as a craft the work of women who make the African ancestral technique a source of income. This date was chosen and recognized for being the birthday of Idalice Bastos, the pioneer of the craft in Rio de Janeiro.

Negro Muro - Waldemar Santana

The Negro Muro project immortalized the Bahian Waldemar Santana (1929-1984), considered one of the most famous MMA fighters in Brazil. The tribute to the Black Leopard, as Waldemar Santana became known, was inaugurated at Rua da Lapa 49, in downtown Rio, in front of the headquarters of the Associação Cristã dos Moços (ACM), stage of Waldemar Santana's historic victory against the patron of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. the master Helio Gracie. The wall, authored by the artist Cazé and conceived by cultural producers Pedro Rajão and Rhuan Gonçalves, refers to the life trajectory of the fighter, who left Salvador, in the 50's, at the age of 22, where he worked as a marble worker and moved to to Rio in an attempt to improve his knowledge of martial arts. The art also tells of his mastery of capoeira and his victory in the duel he fought against the famous and invincible Hélio Gracie on May 24, 1955 and his rise in the world of fighting, being known as the Black Leopard, one of the forerunners of MMA in Brazil.

Pre-candidate for Senate Ivanir dos Santos

Cultne TV was present at the launch of the Campaign for the pre-application of Professor Babalawo Ivanir dos Santos. With the presence of social and political leaders, Ivanir dos Santos ( carried out his affiliation to the PDT and the pre-candidacy for the Federal Senate by the PDT of Rio de Janeiro. Through dialogue and inclusion by the PDT and social movements, Ivanir, who is an exponent in the fight against racism and in the defense of human rights, aims to intensify, in parliament, the defense of freedom and democracy.

Launch of the booklet in honor of Wilson das Neves

The pedagogue Cristiane Firmino organized the book written in 2016 by the singer, songwriter and musician Wilson das Neves (1936 - 2017), as part of the celebrations of his 80 years. Cristiane graduated in Pedagogy from PUC-Rio, postgraduate in applied sociology from the University of Nantes/France and an activist for Human Rights, chose this special date to launch the children's book 'Wilson das Neves presents Journey to the heart of the samba school'. The book offers an unparalleled journey into childhood. Daniel Becker, pediatrician from Rio de Janeiro and passionate about music, presents: ‘Music activates the brain, generates pleasure and self-knowledge, relaxes, promotes mental and emotional health. Samba is root, ancestry, blackness, Brazilianness, movement, beauty and rhythm, And the Samba Schools bring history, fantasy, visual beauty, creativity, originality, identity, belonging.

Black Voices – The Power of Feminine Singing

Show "Black Voices - A Força do Canto Feminino", first musical in series format. The innovative project raises guidelines on black feminism, the importance and role of black singers and songwriters in the history of Brazilian music. The Rio season, which took place at Teatro Prudential, brought together musical theater and a forum for ideas, with the participation of names such as Djamila Ribeiro, Conceição Evaristo, Jurema Werneck and Flávia Oliveira, in celebration of the legacy of the great divas of Brazilian music.

Launch of the book Pacto da Branquitude

Launch of the book "Pacto da Branquitude" by Cida Bento - elected in 2015 by The Economist as one of the fifty most influential people in the world in the field of diversity - which took place at the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture -Muhcab, in Gamboa in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

Inauguration of the Moïse Kiosk and in the Madureira Park

Inauguration of the Moise kiosk, in Parque Madureira, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro on June 30, 2022, bringing together the young man's family, politicians and representatives of civil society organizations.

Launch of Jacques D'Adesky's book

Cultne TV recorded at Livraria Travessa in Botafogo, RJ the launch of the book "A Brief History of Racism. Intolerance, Genocide and Crimes against Humanity", authored by the anthropologist Jacques d'Adesky, an Afro-European intellectual who has dedicated himself to to the study and academic production on this topic in Brazil, should be received as a significant contribution to the understanding of a phenomenon too important to be relegated to the sphere of common sense. Of particular interest to scholars of racism are the topics that address the evolution of this thought, from religious intolerance in countries such as Greece, the Roman Empire and ancient Egypt, through Christian anti-Judaism and Arab and Iberian proto-racism, which end up providing the initial justifications for the enslavement of Africans, both in the Americas and the Middle East, and which constitute a very little – and undeservedly – ??known chapter of history. From there, we move on to the construction of scientific racism, with the Aryan myth and the ideological bases of Nazism, with emphasis on anti-Semitism, eugenics and sociobiology, a recently proposed pseudoscience (1970s).

Writing Dialogues with the Public Schoolducation project

Cultne registered on May 10, 2022 at Mercado Casarão, attached to Dida Bar in Rio de Janeiro, the launch of the book “Writing Dialogues with the Public School: For an anti-racist and democratic education project.” The book is free and it is available online at the Unibanco Institute's Education Observatory and on the Uniperiferias Magazine website. Patrícia dos Santos (@patepsantos) - Organizer Ana Beatriz da Silva - Organizer Authors interviewed: Luciana Ribeiro (@luroribeiro) Lady Christina de Almeida Publisher: UNIperiferias (@uniperiferias)

Yes to Racial Equality Award

ID_BR (Instituto Identidades do Brasil) and Cultne, launch the documentary “Prêmio Sim à Igualdade Racial”. The film features behind the scenes of the fifth edition of the award and interviews with personalities such as Preta Gil, Xamã, Jorge Aragão, among other great names in the black and indigenous artistic and cultural scene.
Cobertura Cultne 00:27:23
EP13 - Coverage - Baile Black Bom

Coverage - Baile Black Bom

Coverage Cultne Especial Baile Black Bom held in May 2022 at Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
Cobertura Cultne 00:04:27
EP12 - Workshop Black Bom

Workshop Black Bom

Review Black Bom that took place at the MUHCAB - Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture on June 11 at Pequena África in the Gamboa neighborhood, in the port area of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The charm Workshop with charmdancer Paulo Mello is organized by Botacara Produções and Instituto Black Bom. Sponsored by the Municipal Department of Culture and supported by MUHCAB and Cultne.

Coverage - MITA Festival 2022

Cultne coverage at the MITA Festival held in May 2022 at the Jockey Club Brasileiro in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of Gilberto Gil, Xênia França, Coruja BC1, Marcelo D2, Heavy Baile, Liniker, among other national and international artists.

Katia Tapety Political Training School

With the initiative of the Instituto Raça e Egualdade, the Kátia Tapety Political Training School was launched, named in honor of former councilor Kátia Tapety, the first black trans woman to be elected city councilor in Brazil - and in Latin America. The event was held on May 10, 2022, at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, and was attended by black, indigenous and LGBTQIA+ leaders. The initiative promoted by the International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights (Race and Equality), aims to train black and indigenous women to compete in the election, regardless of political party, prioritizing the protagonism of trans, lesbian and bisexual women.
Cobertura Cultne 00:06:49
EP9 - Closing of April Verde

Closing of April Verde

Established in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Abril Verde, month of combat, prevention and awareness of religious racism. This law is authored by our mandate with the people of the terreiro who join us in the fight for the end of religious racism.

Black Bom Ball Workshop at Muhcab

Review Black Bom that happened at MUHCAB - Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture on April 9th in Pequena África in the Gamboa neighborhood, port area of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The Charm Workshop with the charmdancer Jean Carlos "Je-Black" is organized by Botacara Produções and Instituto Black Bom. Sponsorship of the Municipal Secretary of Culture and support of MUHCAB and Cultne.
Cobertura Cultne 00:13:13
EP8 - Procession of Seu Zé

Procession of Seu Zé

Cultne coverage of the event "Procissão do Seu Zé" held in April 2022 in Lapa, downtown Rio de Janeiro.
Cobertura Cultne 00:06:47
EP7 - Chica Xavier Theater

Chica Xavier Theater

Inaugurated on April 24, 2022, the first black theater in Rio de Janeiro, the Teatro Chica Xavier, which is part of the ‘Terreiro Contemporâneo’, under the command of the ‘Confraria do Impossível’. Actors, directors, producers, costume designers, dancers and a whole range of professionals involved in the cultural sector now have plenty of reasons to celebrate. The name given to the new theater is a tribute to Francisca Xavier Queiroz de Jesus, known as Chica Xavier, who was a great and consecrated actress of theater, cinema and Brazilian television. Even though she is best known by the general public for her work in telenovelas, with more than 50 characters, she has also acted in the national theater for more than 60 years and is a great personality of black representation in Brazilian art. Chica Xavier released a book in 1999, bringing together the songs and prayers she composed over 30 years to praise her saints of faith. In 2011 she won the Centro Cultural Atriz Chica Xavier in the Social Project No Palco da Vida, coordinated by actor Wal Schneider, where she keeps the collection telling her career in Theater, TV and Cinema.

Nei Lopes Doutor Honoris Causa

Cultne was on March 28, 2022 at the Ecumenical Chapel of UERJ, on the University's Maracanã campus, at the awarding ceremony of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to the composer, singer, writer and researcher Nei Lopes. The artist is undoubtedly one of the greatest exponents of our popular art and Afro-Brazilian culture, with several works and dictionaries already published on the subject, in addition to his fertile musical production, with sambas that marked an era in the musical imagination of our people.

Launch of the Awurê Documentary

Cultne coverage at the launch of the documentary "Na Rota do Samba de Roda" by the Awurê group at Estação Net Botafogo.
Cobertura Cultne 00:09:37
EP4 - Prêmio Ubuntu

Prêmio Ubuntu

With the theme "Ancestry and pillars of Brazilian black art". The second edition of the Ubuntu Prize for Black Culture took place on March 26, 2022 at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro. The event, whose mission is to honor the Legacy of Our Ancestry, Pillars of Brazilian Black Art, and some victims of COVID 19, will be one of the milestones of the ANTI-RACIST programming promoted by the Executive Coordinator for the Promotion of Racial Equality (CEPIR) of the Municipal Secretary of Government and Public Integrity (SEGOVI) of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

Cobertura Cultne - Limusina Negra

Cultne coverage at the show Limousine Negra
Cobertura Cultne 00:04:20
EP2 - Awure: Baianidade Nagô

Awure: Baianidade Nagô

From Pelourinho with Olodum and Banda Didá Freedom in the neighborhood, in the heart and in the Rhythm of Ilê Aiye and Muzenza Watered with chicken xinxim And dende farofa From Afrochef Jorge Washington To renew energies enjoying all this Nagô Baianidade
Cobertura Cultne 00:08:20
EP1 - Seu Jorge & Soul + Samba

Seu Jorge & Soul + Samba

Participation of Seu Jorge singing his hits in the samba circle of Grupo Soul + Samba in the 4 lines of Bento Ribeiro on April 19, 2015. With images by Filó Filho and Alvaro Araujo; photographic still of Zezzynho Andraddy, editing and reporting by Pedro Oliveira and direction by Filó Filho the team registered the event for the Cultne Collection.