Daan Corona Official Video - Senegal, Africa

The king left to face Corona. For this planetary struggle, Youssou Ndour launched a wide network to convey the message to Studio Sankaré, masterfully managed by Didier Awadi. Twenty (20) Senegalese artists from urban and mbalakh cultures, including Youssou Ndour, participated in the official awareness single "Daan Corona". A video available on digital platforms. Profits will go to the Ministry of Health to fight the pandemic.

Video clip Senegal by Banda Reflexus

Video clip recorded with the sound of Banda Reflexus on the cover of Pele da Pele and Enugbarijô in the city of Dakar, Senegal in 1986 during the commemorations of the Memorial Goreé-Alamadies on the Island of Goreé, a slave warehouse located in front of Dakar. Most slaves left for our continent.

Opanijé - "Se says" - Official Clip

Se Diz - Highlights, mainly, the union between the rhythm Ijexá and Rap. It also has a sampler of "Canto de Ossanha" by Baden Powell and Vinícius de Moraes.

Moonglow- "I want you well" - Video Lyric

"Moonglow" est un nouveau projet avec Tina (Maria Cristina) et Priscila Maciel, produit par LF, Akira Shelton et Richard Shepherd. Ce projet passionnant offre un mélange sexy de rythmes et de sons pop latino.

Leandro Matos - Thank you, Nei Lopes

Leandro Matos presents us with his work paying homage to the master Nei Lopes, who signed a text on the recent CD "Leandro Matos: Com tudo em Cima".

Juliana Diniz - Soul of Brazil

In 2005, Dom Filó participated in the project of the American Seal You Entertaiment. With A&R, a kind of Artistic Director, alongside brother Ira Moseley and other African Americans who together did a beautiful job.

Fernanda Sant'Anna - "The Drunkard and the Equilibrist"

On September 25, 2016, Grupo Bossa do samba welcomed Fernanda Sant'Anna at the Renascença Clube. Cultne recorded the performance of the song "Malandro" by Jorge Aragão and Jotabê. The record included images and editing by Filó Filho and Alexandre Dias. On opportunity.

Fernanda Noronha - One of these days

Song: One of these days Authors: Fernanda Noronha and Jair Luz Artistic Direction: Asfilófio O. Filho (Dom Filó) Executive Production: Clarence O. Smith Clip Direction: Pico Garcez Production Assistant: Marfiza França Musical Production and Arrangement: Toninho "Tonhão" Aguiar, Alexandre Lucas and Andre Lima Label: You Entertainment Records Year: 2004 You Music Publishing

I am black - Centenary of Abolition - 1988

In 1988, on the Centenary of Abolition, Afro-Brazilian manifestations were present in the media nationwide. Rede Globo de Televisão recorded the Afro movement in the city of Salvador based on the song "Eu sou Negão" by Gerônimo.

I'm more Brazil - Tonho Matéria

Cultne recorded with images, interviews and editing by Filó Filho, Vik Birkbeck and Carlos Medeiros the conversation with the musician, capoerista, singer and composer Tonho Matéria in Salvador. On that occasion, the artist presented his music for the 2014 World Cup.

Dom Salvador and Abolição & Elis Regina 1971 - Uma Vida

Music video for the song "Uma Vida" by Dom Salvador and Arnoldo Medeiros for the LP "Som, Sangue e Raça" recorded in 1971 by Dom Salvador and Banda Abolição, with special guest appearance by Elis Regina. Later, this band would influence the creation of the band Black Rio led by saxophonist Oberdan Magalhães and drummer Luis Carlos, who participated in Dom Salvador's band.

André Lima - I won't cry anymore

Clip of the song "Eu vai mais cry" (André Lima, Marfiza França and Thales Roberto) performed by André Lima. Directed by Filó Filho for You Entertaiment. André Lima, this 28-year-old from Rio de Janeiro, is a promising talent. Singer, composer and guitarist, he has recorded and participated in concerts by great artists such as Art Popular, Pique Novo, Luciana Mello and many others.

Alexandre Gutti - Music "RG"

CULTNE (Digital Collection of Black Culture) with images and edition by Pedro Oliveira recorded the meeting of the singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre Gutti, with the Bahian percussionist, Juninho Duvale. In this meeting, they show the song "RG", by Alexandre Gutti. The music, recently arranged by the two, portrays the city of Rio de Janeiro a little: neighborhoods in the north and in the south; quotes the song "Casa de Marimbondo" by João Bosco, which speaks of the strength of samba, the difficulty and the preconception that this genre faces; finally, he also mentions the song "Construção" by Chico Buarque. It says a part of the letter of RG: "I sang construction Dona Marta to the sound of Tamborzão". It would be good if the funk carioca did not address only pornography as a theme! The meeting of the duo (Gutti and Juninho) is a recurring event at the percussionist's house on Vidigal Hill. In it friendship, music and simplicity always reign! The idea is to take these meetings with voice, guitar and percussion to the stage, in the very near future.

"What to see" - Raimundo Santa Rosa

Song: What to see Interpreter: Raimundo Santa Rosa Music and lyrics: Raimundo Santa Rosa Tuninho Villas: Guitar Roberto Magrinho: Low Robertinho Silva: Percussion Audiovisual production: Filó Filho/Cultne Collection
Music & Clips 06:20


Cultne supported the "NABOA!" Alexandre Gutti, David Júnior, Paulo Lessa and Thiago Thomé. With camera, editing and direction by Pedro Oliveira, the release clip arrives in a "DR" atmosphere.

Black Woman is More Love - Music Video

Song: Black Woman is More Love Composition: Nato Ferrera Interpreter: Jessica Ayo Dancer: Izabel Guimarães Musical Direction: Celso Santana Audiovisual direction: Filó Filho by Cultne AFROnt is a music project that promotes black consciousness through art/education.

All Africa in me - Afront Group

The lyrics of “Toda África em mim” are an invitation to travel, together with the author, Renato Ferreira, for the sounds, touches and sounds of names of cities, places, countries, of the African continent, with a Brazilian touch of flavor and history. . In the clip, the costume design is by Ione Carmo, from Abebé Moda Afro-Brasileira, the musical direction is by Celso Santana, the artistic team includes the voices of Adriana de Morais, AceSoul, Alberto Rodrigues Jansem Rodrigues, Ana Luiza Clevelares, Glaziele Reis, Lorena Vieira and Rony Lemos.
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